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Somalia Federal Government Executes Soldiers

Garowe Online (Garowe)

Somalia: Federal Govt Executes Soldiers, Car Bomb Explosion Kills One

27 JULY 2013

Mogadishu — The Somali Military Court has executed four federal government soldiers at Mogadishu police academy on Saturday morning, Garowe Online reports.

The four men -- Ali Mohamed Aden, Osman Mohamed Dirie, Ibrahim Mohamed Hussein and Hassan Mohamud Abukar -- were convicted of murder and they were executed by the Somali Federal Government firing squad with court, police and military officials present.

Speaking to the media at the spot, the chairman of Somalia's Military court Col. Liban Ali Yarow said three of the executed soldiers were charged with murder of military official named Afdhere in Mogadishu on 7 July 2009 while the other one was charged with murder of a civilian in May 2012.

Somali Military Court previously carried out similar executions and the government soldiers are always accused of rape and illegal activities mainly targeting internally displaced people.

Car bomb explosion kills one

A car bomb went off at Mogadishu's Sanca junction leaving one civilian dead and three others wounded according to witnesses on Saturday.

Witnesses added that a Land Cruiser laden with explosive devices detonated the explosion, "I saw the severed dead body of the driver lying on the wreckage, I also saw three bleeding people who were injured and I felt shock," said an eyewitness.

Local reports told that the government forces sealed the roads linking Sanca junction to the other districts shortly after the explosion and officials said investigations are underway.

Mortar attacks were reported from Heliwaa district of Mogadishu last night as unknown militia fired mortars onto built up areas.

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