Friday, July 26, 2013

Respect Zimbabwe Voters, Vice-President Mujuru Tells Candidates

Respect voters, Mujuru tells candidates

Friday, 26 July 2013 02:18
Felex Share in Chegutu
Zimbabwe Herald

VICE President Joice Mujuru has urged Zanu-PF candidates to respect the people and understand their needs when voted into power.

Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters in Chegutu, VP Mujuru said
some candidates had a tendency of forgetting the electorate once they assume leadership.

She took her campaign trail to Mashonaland West yesterday where she addressed three rallies, drumming up support for President Mugabe and Zanu-PF candidates Cdes Fanuel Phiri (Kadoma Central), Dexter Nduna (Chegutu West) and Sylvester Nguni (Mhondoro-Mubaira).

“The electorate matters most in politics. Their votes are the ones that put you into office and as such they need respect. Understand their needs and aspirations. Ukasangodzoka kuvanhu hapana anokuvhotera futi paunenge wakuda kukwikwidza zvakare,” she said.

The Vice President said a Zanu-PF Government would revive the textile and clothing industry in Chegutu and Kadoma whose collapse had left thousands of people unemployed. The downfall of textile companies like David Whitehead, she said, was as a result of the illegal economic sanctions imposed by the West.

“Our policies, contained in the manifesto we launched a few weeks ago, are aimed at restoring the capacity of the manufacturing sector,” she said.

“Most farmers around this area grow cotton meaning the textile industry is one of the channels for the development of the industry here. The sector has the potential to create jobs and is highly adaptable as it can operate from levels of small-to-medium enterprises to large corporates. The obsolete equipment in the textile companies also need to be replaced.”

She said it had been difficult for Zanu-PF to achieve its goals in the past four years because of different ideologies of political parties in the inclusive Government.

“Instead of raising motions that help people in Parliament, it was all about disagreement and sometimes the House would adjourn after a few minutes,” VP Mujuru said.

“We are happy this is coming to an end next Wednesday and as Zanu-PF we are not for another coalition. As such let us defeat our rivals resoundingly in the elections.”

She hailed unity among the candidates who contested in the primary elections.

“If there was no unity, those who failed to make it would not have attended these rallies. This is one element that will make us prevail in the elections. We cannot all be leaders hence the need to support those who won to ensure the President and the party wins at the end of the day.”

VP Mujuru said Zimbabweans should pay back President Mugabe by voting for him for the onslaught he had received from Western countries for defending his people.

“He has been called all sorts of names while defending you and me from the imperialists,” she said.

“His stance to defend the land and empower people through the indigenisation and economic empowerment programmes has angered some quarters, with some putting economic measures against us. Our leader remained steadfast and today we have prevailed over sanctions and doing things on our own.”

She said the land reform programme that benefited hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans was irreversible.

“This is enshrined in the new Constitution and pawakagara ndipapo hapana anokubvisa mumunda wako,” VP Mujuru said.

“The supreme law that we now have recognises what our war veterans fought for and it also respects the custodians of that land, who are our traditional leaders.”

She castigated MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai for threatening traditional leaders if he gets into power.

“Instead of appreciating and honouring them for the work they do in various provinces, we have someone purporting to be a leader threatening the chiefs. This is unacceptable and our chiefs should not be moved by these empty threats.”

Cde Nduna said the party would reclaim Chegutu West as the MDC-T had failed to bring development in the past four years.

“There is no water to talk about in Chegutu and the councillors’ focus has been on grabbing stands and enriching themselves. It is now time for us to receive empowerment initiated by President Mugabe and that journey begins with our victory next week.”

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