Monday, July 28, 2014

Zimbabwe First Lady Amai Mugabe Raps Factionalism
First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe with Deputy President of the
ZANU-PF Women's League Comrade Eunice Sandi Moyo.
July 26, 2014
Elita Chikwati Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

FIRST Lady Amai Grace Mugabe warned Zanu-PF leaders to desist from factionalism lest they go the way of the MDC which was dividing like an amoeba.

Launched on September 11, 1999, the original MDC has since spawned MDC-T, MDC, MDC-99 and MDC-Team.

“You see what is happening to the MDC. The party will get to 20 parties because of divisions and if we are not careful the same thing will happen to our party,” she said.

Amai Mugabe urged those in positions of authority to be humble and not to behave like former Finance Minister Tendai Biti who blows his own trumpet.

She urged party cadres to emulate President Mugabe whom she described as a humble, consistent, clever and intelligent man dedicated to serving Zimbabweans. Addressing the Women’s League at the Amai Mugabe Children’s Home in Mazowe yesterday, the First Lady said she still does not know what makes her husband tick.

“I stay with a very clever man. I stay with a man called Mugabe. The man is so clever. Sometimes you do not even know what makes him tick. As the wife, when I look at him I fail to understand him. For the whole period that I have known and lived with the President, I have failed to understand him,” she said.

Amai Mugabe paid tribute to President Mugabe for being honest and humble.

“He is not pompous, loud or corrupt. At one time the Zimbabwe Liberation War Collaborators Association members confessed that they have never seen the President engaging and bribing people to support him. I have also not seen him doing that at all,” said Amai Mugabe.

“He is truthful and dedicated and has sacrificed his life for the good of the nation. Baba does not care much about his happiness as he is dedicated to fighting for the nation and he remains firm despite challenges that may come along.”

She said President Mugabe was a man of his word. Amai Mugabe condemned vote buying by some party leaders.

“This is the meaning of true leadership. I have never heard the President calling Vice President, Cde Joice Mujuru to accumulate wealth for themselves or discuss on how people can be paid to vote for him.

“We should not buy votes. This practice will backfire and affect those practising it. The system may have dismal results,” she said. Amai Mugabe said leaders were chosen by God and people must patiently wait for their turn and desist from back biting their leaders.

“Leadership comes from above. People will elect you into leadership because of your merits. The opportune time will always come if you were meant to be a leader without backbiting others.”

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