Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cuban Doctors Arrive in Liberia and Guinea to Fight Ebola
Cuban doctors deployed to Liberia and Guinea.
The aircraft carrying Cuba’s contingent of doctors and nurses prepared to join the struggle against Ebola in Liberia, landed safely, according to the Reuters news agency. Another group also arrived as planned to the neighboring West African country of Guinea.

Jorge Fernando Lefebre Nicolás, Cuba’s ambassador in Liberia, met the brigade, and reaffirmed Cuba’s commitment is to improve relations between the two countries, adding that the arrival of these medical professionals signals the initiation of health care cooperation between Cuba y Liberia, Al Jazeera reported.

Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan, Liberian minister of Foreign Relations, said that he hoped Cuba’s medical personnel would not only participate in efforts to curb the Ebola epidemic, but also support strengthening the health care system in terms of training and attention to other pressing health problems, according to Front Page Africa.

The minister, in the name of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf  and the people of Liberia, expressed their profound gratitude and best regards to President Raúl Castro and the Cuban people, for their help at this critical time.

Liberian Health Minister Matthew Flomo, said that the Cuban brigade -composed of epidemiologists, intensive care and family medicine specialists, surgeons, pediatricians, intensive care nurses and anesthesiologists - would soon begin work with Liberian units treating patients.

In Guinea Conakry, the Cuban doctors and nurses were met by the country’s ministers of Foreign Affairs, Lounsény Fall; of Health, Rémy Lamah; and of International Cooperation, Moustapha Kou­tou­bou Sanoh, who thanked them for their collaboration in the battle against Ebola, reported guineenews.

Koutoubou Sanoh recalled that the country’s relations with Cuba go back to Guinea’s independence struggle and reaffirmed the nation’s commitment to continue strengthening ties.

With the deployment of these contingents to Liberia and Guinea, the number of Cuban medical professionals in three West African countries to confront the Ebola epidemic has reached more than 200. 

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