Thursday, October 30, 2014

Uganda Deploys Over 2,700 Troops in Somalia
Ugandan troops deployed in Somalia as early as 2007.
OCTOBER 29, 2014
Ugandan military on Wednesday said the first batch of the 2,700-strong troops assigned to replace their colleagues stationed in volatile Somalia, have arrived at Mogadishu International airport.

According to a statement by the Ugandan military, the troops have been deployed under Brig. Sam Kavuma, the new Ugandan contingent commander to the African Union Mission to Somalia.

It said, “The troops under Uganda Battle group XIV is the 17th battle group Uganda is fielding to Somalia since 2007.

“They are replacing Battle group XII which has been under AMISOM for a year and recently captured the last Al Shabaab stronghold of Barawe.”

A plane carrying the first batch of 100 soldiers safely landed at Mogadishu International airport on Tuesday and brought back an equal number to Entebbe Airport, Uganda.

Chief of Defense Forces, Gen. Katumba Wamala, has urged the soldiers to respect the Somali culture, adding that Uganda went to Somalia to help the Somali people just as the Tanzanians once helped Uganda in 1979.

He warned that in spite of the improved security situation in Somalia, terrorists were still unpredictable and could inflict damage.

“Always remember that this mission is still a doze and die mission, be vigilant and guard against terrorists,” he said.

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