Wednesday, October 29, 2014

G-77 Plus China to Condemn U.S. Blockade Before the UN
A Cuba-China commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the
UNITED NATIONS.— During the UN General Assembly, the Group of 77 plus China, consisting of 134 southern nations, will once again reject the U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba, reported Bolivian ambassador to Cuba, Sacha Llorenti.

Speaking to PL, Llorenti commented that on October 28 this multi-regional organization – presided this year by Bolivia – will denounce the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington on the island for more than half a century.

The Assembly will vote on October 28 on the need to put an end to the blockade. A similar initiative last year received the support of 188 of the General Assembly’s 193 members.

The unilateral genocidal policy is not only directed against a G77 member country, but violates International Law and the UN Charter, as well, stated Llorenti.

The ambassador recalled that during the 50th anniversary summit of the G77 plus China, held in June in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, the declaration of the event reiterated "our peoples’ rejection of the unjust economic blockade imposed by the United States on our sister nation of Cuba."

According to Llorenti, the vote will condemn the sanctions imposed on the island by 10 U.S. presidents despite global calls to end the policy.

"On that day the international community will also have the opportunity to thank Cuba for its enormous solidarity," he said.

Heads of state and governments of the G77 also called for the blockade to be lifted last month during the UN General Assembly high level meetings of the 69th Session. 

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