Saturday, March 28, 2015

Amaechi Clashes With Nigerian Army Boss, Stops Voting
Nigerian National Mirror
Mar 29, 2015

…APC rejects election, accuses INEC boss of complicity

The Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi yesterday clashed with the Brigade Commander in charge of the 2nd Brigade, Port Harcourt, Brigadier General Essien Essien, who tried to restrict his movement during the polls.

Amaechi also stopped the voting process in his local government when he was informed that several result sheets that was supposed to accompany voting materials to the polling areas were missing.

Amaechi ordered that voting should discontinue in all units in Ikwerre Local Government area of the state until the missing result sheets are produced by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

Amaechi, who gave the order at the declaration at Onute Playground in Omuanwa Ward, Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State, was driving around monitoring the accreditation exercise when some of the voters who gathered at the unit waved him down and complained about the results sheets.

Things became rowdy at the polling booth when a shouting match ensued between some APC and PDP members at the venue over whether voting should take place with or without the Result Sheets.

Addressing journalists over the matter, Amaechi said, “You can see that the result sheets have not been brought here. The same thing is happening all over the local government area. We have therefore resolved not to be involved in the election until the result sheets are brought, this is my local government area and this is happening. The same thing is happening all over the place.”

After his interaction with journalists at the polling area, Amaechi, who was driving himself in a Government-issued SUV headed towards his Father’s house few kilometers to the School when his vehicle was flagged down by some heavily-armed soldiers led by the Brigade Commander, 2nd Brigade, Bori Camp, Port Harcourt, in front of his Father’s compound.

The Brigade Commander accosted Amechi and explained to him that he is not allowed to drive around during the election as he was not accredited by INEC to have unfettered movement in the state

The Governor, however tried to turn and drive towards Umunwa, but the soldiers blocked his convoy and there was a heated exchange ensued between him (Amaechi) and the Army boss.

Amaechi told Essien, “Brigade Commander, why you are mountings two road blocks near my father’s compound, were you being sent by President Jonathan to come and kill me? I had told the world that President Jonathan is trying to kill me and I am saying it again.”

Brig-General Essien however coolly replied that he has not being given any instruction to kill anybody but insisted that the Governor should return to his Lodge and stop moving about without the necessary official cover.

He said, “You Excellency, we have instructions not to allow people who are not duly accredited not to move around during the election. That is why we are advising you to go back to your house and wait there until the election is over.”

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