Thursday, March 26, 2015

Risks Are High US May Use Color Revolution Technique in Russia — Security Council
Russia's president Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Russian Security Council

US hoped to cause mass protests in Russia by sanctions — senior security official

MOSCOW, March 25. /TASS/. There is a great risk the United States may use the "colour revolution" know-how against Russia, the Security Council has said in its analysis of the new US security strategy.

"Advanced colour revolution technologies will be employed ever more widely for the purpose of ousting political regimes disliked by the United States, and the probability of their use against Russia is rather high," the Russian Security Council said in the analysis published on its website.

Russian Security Council specialists say that by and large the US Strategy is based on the principle of US exclusiveness and assertion of the right to take unilateral action to press for US interests around the world and has a strong anti-Russian thrust.

Regarding the relationship Russia, the Security Council believes it is likely that the United States plans to continue its policy aimed at isolating Russia in the long term, including by imposing restrictions on opportunities of exports of oil and gas.

Kremlin: Russia will consider national interests to decide on counter-sanctions
Specialists of the Russian Security Council saw a number of potential threats in the US document.

"In the long term, the United States, in cooperation with its allies, will continue its policy aimed at political and economic isolation of Russia, including restriction of its opportunities to export energy resources and pushing out military products from all markets, simultaneously creating difficulties for manufacturing of high-tech products in Russia," the analysis posted on the council’s website said.

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