Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sudan’s Bashir Says Natural Gas Production in Sennar to Begin Soon
March 24, 2015 (SINGA/KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese president and candidate of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) for president in the next month election, Omer Hassan al-Bashir, has pledged to build road and rail network to connect production areas in Sennar state.

Bashir, who was speaking Tuesday in an electoral meeting in the capital of Sennar state, Singa, expected that Block 8 which is located in Al-Souki area, in eastern Sennar will soon begins production of natural gas.

In 2009, Sudan said it produces 3.7 million cubic feet of natural gas daily from Tawakul well in Block 8, pointing the latter contains a reserve of 25 billion cubic feet.

Gas production represents a new phase in Sudan’s oil industry following its discovery in several Blocks particularly 8 and 15.

Bashir vowed to connect Al-Dali and Al-Mazmoum area which is famous for producing sorghum, sesame and sunflower through a network of roads, pointing to the government’s success in resolving water and electricity problems in the area.

He also promised to build several roads including the eastern road which links Karkoug to Omdurman Falata, the road linking Sennar to Gedaref and the road of Al-Dindir natural reserve.

The Sudanese president also pledged to build a new railway to connect Sennar with Haya in the Red Sea state and Kosti in the White Nile state.

He pointed the government will continue to provide electricity for agricultural projects besides gardening the Dinder River Basin and providing drinking water service across the state.
The governor of Sennar state, Ahmed Abbas, who addressed the meeting ahead of Bashir, asked the latter to provide several services for the state including roads, drinking water and sugar projects.

Bashir said that Islamic Funj Sultanate of Sennar offered a good example for national integration.

“Sennar compensated the Muslim [world] for the loss of Andalusia [Spain]”, he said
He said that Sennar was the first Sudanese state to implement Shari’a , pointing it welcomed pilgrims from west Africa and Morocco who were en route to Mecca.

Bashir performed his favourite dance known as Arda before he stepped to the podium to deliver his speech.


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