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SACP: “Building An Independent, Agile and Adaptive Party”
26 July 2015

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape convened its ordinary Provincial Working Committee (PWC) from 25 - 26 July 2015 at the NEHAWU Offices, Chris Hani District. The PWC spent the first day interacting with the structures of the SACP in Chris Hani District to satisfy itself with the ideological and political work of the party in the district.

The PWC meeting dealt with the state of organisation, the political overview and the preparations of the SACP 94th Anniversary celebrations to be held at Mbuyiselo Ngwenda District (Port Elizabeth) on the 02 August 2015 at the Raymond Mhlaba Sports Centre in Motherwell.

The meeting also received and discussed the Central Committee input delivered by Cde Chris Mathlako, member of the SACP Politburo who led the PWC in reflecting on the outcomes of our recently held Special National Congress and the tasks for the SACP.

The PWC underlined that it was taking place during the day marking the 62nd anniversary of July 26 movement of the Cuban forces that defeated the Batista regime in Cuba. We wish to salute the resilient spirit of the Cuban people that has recently seen the release of the Cuban 5, who recently visited our country and also call for the immediate removal of the US economic blockade against Cuba.

Unsecure lending on social grant beneficiaries:

The meeting expressed its concern on the rising unsecure loans to the beneficiaries of social grants by unscrupulous greedy institutions. These unscrupulous loans goes against the principles of lending according to affordability as espoused in the National Credit Act.

We are of the firm view that our government should quickly arrest this unsecure lending as it traps the poor in the vicious cycle of debt. It makes them inefficient components of the brutal consumer economy.

This goes against the intended outcome of the social relief by the government. It is in this context that, we are calling on all relevant departments of government to act decisively on the matter and rescue our people from perpetual misery deliberately created by greedy financial institutions.

On the provincial front:

The cold winter season is upon us and as the consequences of the global warming, we have noticed serious floods which leave the people in disarray, like in Port Elizabeth. We believe that we should at this stage be able to have prior planning that will caution our people from these disasters. We should also increase the speed on the good work that our government is doing on building houses for the people. We should not only build houses but create sustainable human settlement establishments with all the necessary facilities like schools, libraries, clinics, sporting facilities, police stations, etc.

We recommit ourselves to work with our allies in building a government that will respond to the needs and aspirations of the people as part of defending and deepening our revolution, and implementing the radical phase of economic transformation. We are conscious that we can no longer defend the movement based our glorious history only. It is in this context that we are calling upon the provincial government to urgently implement the decisions that were taken at the last Lekgotla. The massive infrastructure rollout programmes, aggressive land and agrarian reform programmes, building of sustainable cooperatives as part of changing the semi-colonial structure of our economy that reproduces the challenges of inequalities, unemployment and poverty.

We wish to appreciate the strides made by the MEC of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Mlibo Qhoboshiyana in rescuing both the Magwa and Majola tea estates and commit to support all the efforts where possible to ensure the success of the interventions. These estates remain of strategic importance to the people of the Eastern Cape and cannot be allowed to perish.

We believe that we should all work towards eroding all the corrosives acts in this government, one of them being corruption and all its dimensions. What we have observed of late is the political defence of corruption, whether wittingly or unwittingly. This political protection of corrupt elements is actually a fight against the movement, as the movement has identified corruption as one of the threats to the agenda of the second radical phase of the transition.

The SACP believes that directly or indirectly none of us should defend corruption as it is against the policy of the movement. It represents an enemy of the people, of progress and should be fought by all progressive forces.

The PWC expressed its concerns on the racialization of education challenges in the Northern areas of Port Elizabeth. We are calling upon our people in the area to refuse to be used by the DA as the educational challenges affect all communities, let alone that some of the schools in the northern areas are having more than 50% Xhosa speaking learners.

It is in this respect that, we are calling upon all communities to defend the right of children to education by ensuring that all schools are opened, and there is teaching and learning. The law enforcement authorities must defend our people against the criminal elements as sponsored by the DA for political expediency.


The SACP takes note of the reported apology by Media 24 CEO Esmare Weideman on their “complicity in a morally indefensible political regime” (apartheid regime).We view this apology as an important step, but to be true remorseful should include return of the SABC archives, rights to popular SABC soapies and support for transformation and diversification of the South African media space.

SACP 94th Anniversary celebrations:

The SACP will on the 02 August 2015 hold the 94th Anniversary National Rally in Mbuyiselo Ngwenda District (Port Elizabeth) at the Raymond Mhlaba Sports Centre in Motherwell. The preparations for these historic celebrations are at an advance stage, we will release a media alert in the cause of the week with all the necessary details.

Issued by the SACP Eastern Cape.


Siyabonga Mdodi
SACP Provincial Spokesperson
Mobile: +2783 358 8070
Office: +2740 635 1046/42
Fax: +2786 286 1281
Facebook: SACP Eastern Cape

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