Thursday, January 28, 2016

Zimbabwe City of Gweru Runs Dry
January 28, 2016
Midlands Bureau
Zimbabwe Herald

The city of Gweru has gone for three days without water, raising fears of an outbreak of diseases.

The Gweru Magistrates’ Court and other public areas such as the Government Complex have had their public toilets closed because of the unavailability of water.

While council is blaming the water shortage on power outages at Gwenoro Dam, residents have accused management of failing to prioritise service delivery.

They accused council of failing to repair water reservoirs in the Kopje area to mitigate water shortages.

“This is the third day since the taps ran dry and there is no communication from the Tsunga Mhangami-led commission.

“They lied that they had fixed the water reservoirs which should be used to store water for the city. We are living on a health time bomb,” said Sibongile Moyo from Senga Township.

The city’s director of engineering services, Engineer Praymore Mhlanga, said an electrical fault had affected water supplies.

“We experienced a power outage from Zimbabwe Electricity supply authority (Zesa), so it has affected water supply from Gwenoro.

Our pumping rate is at break-even, that is to say it’s just hand to mouth. So if there are any disturbances, we will be heavily affected,” said Eng Mhlanga.

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