Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Egypt's Forensics Authority Denies Reports Human Remains From EgyptAir MS804 Suggest Blast
Ahram Online
Tuesday 24 May 2016

AP and Reuters have quoted anonymous Egyptian forensic experts who claimed remains of victims suggest explosion on board the ill-fated flight

Egypt's forensics authority denied on Tuesday news reports that the bodily remains of EgyptAir flight MS804 passengers suggest a blast inside the plane, state news agency MENA reported.

"Everything published on that matter is unfounded and is a mere assumption that has not been issued by the forensics authority or any forensic experts working for it," the statement read.

Earlier on Tuesday, both Reuters and AP quoted an Egyptian forensic expert, speaking on condition of anonymity, saying that recovered human remains from the crashed EgyptAir flight suggest a blast took place inside the plane.

However, the reports added that the blast is not necessarily caused by a bomb, as authorities have yet to find any trace of explosives on recovered wreckage.

The forensics authority has not issued a statement on its investigation after examining the remains of some of the passengers.

The AP source said 80 pieces of the victims have been brought to Cairo so far, adding that all are small. Another unnamed Egyptian forensics official told Reuters that "only a tiny number of remains had arrived so far, and it is too early to specify whether there had been an explosion on board."

On Thursday, the Cairo-bound flight from Paris crashed over the Mediterranean, with all 66 people on board believed to be dead.

On Friday, the Egyptian military located debris, personal belongings, plane seats and human remains north of Alexandria near the spot where the plane vanished from radar.

The aircraft's black boxes, which could help investigators discover the cause of the crash, have yet to be located.

Egypt is leading an investigation intio the cause of the crash with the help of a French team.


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