Saturday, August 27, 2016

SACP Gauteng Launches "Enemy Camp Monitor"
24 August 2016

Emperor Julius is naked. Barely 5 years after its foundation, has the EFF's fake mask of a working class aligned party been unveiled. The EFF cosying up to the rightwing DA has vindicated the party's long held view of EFF's neo-fascist ideological outlook, and that the two are but merely different sides of the same coin. Both parties objectively serve the interest of monopoly capital and are accountable to the same London masters.

Whilst the DA is a party that uses parliamentary democracy to serve the interests of monopoly capital, the EFF use its highly organised petty bourgeois social base, to render parliamentary democracy dysfunctional. This is to serve the same reactionary interests of the Imperialist and colonial masters. Strangely, this comes from the same political party that currently appears to espouse a radical leftwing political project.

As long as the threat of the ANC alliance radical socio-economic project remains, in order to subvert a national democratic revolution, the EFF will prefer a subordinate position to the imperialist party the DA. This is to subvert such an outcome and always be ready with debauchery, to deliver the working class to a DA-led monopoly slaughter by finance capital.

The SACP Gauteng province commits to defending the working class against this ragtag coalition regime of counter-revolution installed in several municipalities across the province of Gauteng.

We are preparing to mobilize our structures to defend working class gains and to advance the course of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR).

In our effort to defend the working class against this regime of counter-revolution, we are launching an electronic monitor for regular updates, to be published as the enemy's.

The launch of this monitor follows the installation of the regime of counter-revolution in parts of our province led by the enemy's camp. With the EFF having committed a political and ideological suicide, the line is now drawn between the people's camp led by the ANC and its Alliance partners on the one hand and the enemy's camp led by the DA-EFF coalition on the other.

We are confident that the installation of the regime of counter-revolution in parts of our province paves the path towards the ANC's 2019 national and provincial decisive elections victory. This will certainly inaugurate a new epoch that will see the DA relegates the EFF deep into the dustbin of history.

The monitor will be released on a regular basis and will reflect negative impact on the working class arising from DA-EFF counter-revolutionary activities in our communities.

We invite youth, women, communists, workers, communities and members of the public to report and alert us of the DA and EFF anti-people, anti-worker and rightwing attacks of their interests in local governance and other affairs.

Kindly email your brief alert to for anything that runs counter to peoples interests led by DA-EFF regime of counter-revolution.

Issued by the SACP Gauteng province


Jacob Mamabolo - SACP Gauteng Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 082 884 1868

Lucian Segami - SACP Gauteng Provincial Spokesperson
Mobile: +2779 5220 098
Office: +2711 339 3621/2
Twitter: GPSACP
Facebook Page: SACP Gauteng Province

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