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Statement on the Assassination of the SACP Stalwart in Intshanga and the Killing of a Former ANC Youth League Member
23 August 2016

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the province of Moses Mabhida is deeply saddened by the assassination of its leader in Intshanga, Comrade Nontsikelelo Blose and the 38-year old former member of the ANC Youth League, Mr Xolani Ngcobo. The SACP expresses its message of deepest condolences to the family, friends, comrades of Blose and Ngcobo. The party pledges its oneness with the two families at this moment of grief.

It is regrettable that the current outbreak of violence in Intshanga and elsewhere occurred in the backdrop of a repeated appeal by the SACP to address hotspots in the province.

The case of Intshanga is a political case that requires a political solution.

We must all shoulder responsibility for what has recently happened in Intshanga.

The life of a woman should not have been sacrificed, in particular in the middle of the Women's Month. We must confront the man-made situation and violence in the area. The big question that needs to be answered is why we, to be specific politicians, allowed the stand-off to happen in Intshanga.

People of Intshanga have been known and are still known to be loyal members of the ANC with a very strong presence of the SACP. They have always been inseparable. Again what happened, and why are we allowing this to happen?

The SACP would like to make an impassioned plea to the law enforcement agencies to leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of the murderers of the two comrades.

Blose, deeply embedded in community structures, was a leading light of the SACP and the ANC in the Intshanga area.

It is a measure of her courage and the depth of her conviction that the persecution she endured, ever since she witnessed, together with other comrades, the killing of another SACP member, Comrade Phillip Dlamini in January, did not deter her from securing justice for Dlamini and his family.

Cde Blose was due to testify in the trial of the alleged killers of Dlamini when she was murdered!

She was also in the forefront of challenging the violation of ANC processes in the selection of councilor candidates ahead of the local government elections.

Realising that they could not intimidate her, and that the example of militant struggle and self-sacrifice that she set was inspiring our people to intensify the struggle against factionalism, the enemies of the communists decided to liquidate Cde Blose hoping that this heartless, inhumane and criminal act will dissuade the people from the struggle.

These acts of brutality can only serve to strengthen the people's determination to defeat factionalism. Through her martyrdom, Cde Blose and many other revolutionary democrats who have fallen in this factional battle have set us the task to destroy factional politics that is devouring our glorious movement.

As we lower our banners in memory of a great daughter of our people, an outstanding revolutionary, we renew our vows that we shall give no quarter in the noble struggle to rid our movement of the murderers factionalists who are illegally trying to rule our people.

Farewell dear sister and Comrade. Your sacrifice is not in vain.

Issued by the SACP Moses Mabhida Province


Themba Mthembu, Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 0833036988


Msizi Nhlapo at 060 7886211

Arrest the hostilities‚ ANC and SACP urged after KZN political killings

TMG Digital | 23 August, 2016 07:49

The South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) wants the African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Communist Party (SACP) to “intensify efforts to arrest hostilities” which led to at least two killings in Inchanga.

But‚ Sanco also attempted to suggest that a “third force might be exploiting the differences” between the two‚ but did not provide evidence of this.

Sanco said it made the call following “the killing of an SACP leader‚ Nonsikelelo Blose‚ who was shot three times on Sunday night” in the KwaZulu-Natal town.

“It is alleged that a man that fired shots at marchers that were protesting Blose's killing on Monday was shot dead in an exchange of fire‚” Sanco added.

Spokesperson Jabu Mahlangu said “everything must be done to restore political stability necessary for accelerated service delivery and community development”.

“Progressive forces must denounce the senseless violence‚ commit themselves to restore peace in the area and isolate warmongers‚” he said.

Mahlangu appealed to the ANC and SACP “to follow through an earlier agreement to intensify efforts to arrest hostilities in the area in order to bring an end to political thuggery and barbaric acts of violence which undermine safety of communities and the unity of the revolutionary alliance”. 

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