Wednesday, January 25, 2017

COSATU Concerned About the Looming Water Crisis Under DA in Cape Town 
COSATU is concerned about the looming water crisis in the City of Cape Town. We are horrified about the DA's management of this life threatening crisis of water shortages. The mayor is closing her eyes to the crisis and not putting in place any contingency plans that would avert a life threatening drought. The mayor is still continuing with business as usual approach, as poor people's taps dry up due to the drip system. This drip system that the mayor and the DA has put in place is causing diseases in the poor communities.

The wealthy constituency of the DA, who get their A rating treatment from the city, still fill up their swimming pools, whilst the poor don't even get their basic water needs met. This City of Cape Town does not plan in a manner that protects the interest of the poorer communities. There will be conflict and chaos on the Cape Flats, when the dams start to run empty and people struggle for water, since they cannot afford the Nestle water from the shops.

Instead of investing in desalination plants to make sea water drinkable, the DA is restructuring the city staffing to create lucrative jobs for the mayor's friends. Even criminals like Nkohla are given a spot on the gravy train, while the looming drought is strangling the city of Cape Town. The Mayor has put her head in the sand and not even mentioned the drought threat facing Cape Town. There is no coherent plan to ensure that poor communities get a bit more water from the drip system given the impact of the heat wave on peoples water needs.

The Mayor should be charged with criminal negligence and for being culpable for the death from the conflict over water. Only 15 % of the people living in the City will be able to afford bottled water when the dams run empty, but that seems to be the only people that the Mayor and the DA cares about in Cape Town. National Government must intervene and force the City of Cape Town to put in place a coherent water supply and usage plan. The people of the City cannot be left to the DA approach that turns them into customer, who will not get any water if they cannot afford it. It is after all a basic service required by all people and animals, and must be available for the citizens.

For Questions please call COSATU Western Cape Secretary , Cde Tony Ehrenreich at 082 7733194

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