Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SACP Limpopo PEC Statement
30 January 2017

The SACP Provincial Executive Committee held an ordinary meeting on 29 January 2017 in Polokwane.

The meeting adopted a programme of action for 2017. The main focus was on unity of the working class and African majority in particular and blacks in general to advance radical socio-economic transformation towards a better life for all.

International context

The discussed international campaigns for anti-imperialism, solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians, the Saharawi people and free political activity in Swaziland, including a call for the release of political prisoners, among others Amos Mbedzi. As part of this international solidarity programme and its immediate campaigns, the SACP in Limpopo will push for an end to the genocidal economic blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States.

The PEC called for the United Nations to take democratic, decisive action to bring about world peace, stability in the Middle East and in particular, against the imperialist wars that take the lives and displace many Turkish and Syrian people.

Give no quarter to vandals and hooligans who are hell-bent on holding post-school education hostage!

The SACP supports the activist leadership interventions by the Ministry of Higher Education to ensure that working class children access learning and skilling opportunities. Free quality education is key for progress for the working class. The rich and affording classes must pay for their children in post-school system.

In this regard the meeting congratulated the class of 2016 matriculants who are now poised to enter the post-schooling education system and further their education and training. The socio-economic conditions of the working class can be improved with more young people seizing opportunities in vocational and technical studies which are as important as academic university studies.

There are six Technical and Vocational Training colleges with more than 15 campuses across Limpopo Province, in all districts.

It is now a week since classes have started in TVET colleges and the learning and teaching is proceeding stably despite few glitches experienced on the release of results in few instances. The PEC urged students to sustain stability and learning throughout the year.

The meeting urged the Limpopo Provincial Government to urgently address the inadequate supply of learner support material like textbooks in remaining schools. In addition, the placement of all learners who are currently struggling to find space in schools must be addressed as matter of urgency to avoid loss of learning and teaching time.

Workers` unity is key for the success of a revolutionary struggle to build a better life for all.

The SACP will continue to work with COSATU and other organised trade unions to ensure that the attempts at forming an imperialist trade union movement led, among others, by likes of Vavi and Jim does not succeed.

COSATU in Limpopo held a successful march on 26 January and the turnout by thousands of workers is a clear indication of confidence in our revolutionary union ally.

Limpopo Province will not be a political playing ground for the so-called Premier League faction.

The SACP is ready to ensure that our people, the peoples` liberation movement and the revolutionary alliance remain united.

The PEC encourages all structures of our movement as a whole to close ranks and isolate money laundering factionalists who are desperate to capture the liberation movement.

The SACP and electoral options

The SACP in the province will continue to deepen the consultation process with its membership, the working class communities in both urban and rural places, including the workplace, regarding the posture and the position of our Party towards the electoral options for the immediate and long term period. The main question is whether the status quo in terms of the alliance`s electoral strategy must remain, or whether the SACP should participate through a reconfigured Alliance, or whether it must directly contest elections on the ballot under its own name. The final decision will be made by the National Congress in July 2017.

Crime and corruption

These are the biggest threat to progress of the national democratic revolution and the SACP will enhance its fight against corruption, fraud, nepotism and patronage in Limpopo Province.

Economic transformation and worker ownership

At the same time, the SACP will work tirelessly for the inclusion of the working class and the poor in the mainstream of economic production through cooperatives by ensuring the implementation of the 10% - 30 % set asides.

The incidents of racial attacks on farm workers is condemned and the denial of bail for Mark Scott-Crossely is welcome. Scott-Crossely was responsible for the murder of Nelson Chesale whose body was later thrown into the lions den. The SACP calls for life incarceration of Scott-Crossely as he poses danger to society.

For more information please contact:

Kganyago Gilbert (Provincial Secretary) - 082 6090 551
Thobejane Machike (Spokesperson) - 082 307 0095

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