Monday, February 20, 2017

Nationwide 'Not My President's Day' Rallies Continue Protests Against Donald Trump
Renewed protests against US President Donald Trump flared on the Presidents Day holiday, with grassroots activists vowing to take to the streets in dozens of cities in "Not My President's Day" rallies.

Police confronted protests in Portland, Oregon, reportedly taking some people into custody
Protest leaders had said they expected thousands to rally in about 28 cities ranging from Los Angeles and Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the latest round of demonstrations to express displeasure with Trump's policies and pronouncements.

In New York, hundreds of protesters stretching at least eight blocks chanted "He cheats, he lies, open up your eyes" near the Trump International Hotel on the edge of Central Park.

"I think he's got a mean personality," said marcher Edith Cresmer, a 78-year-old urban planner. "But the worst thing about him is how he incited peoples' fears and pits them against each other."

Luis Llobera, 38, and his wife and baby took a train from Westchester County north of the city to attend the Trump protest.

"We are not American citizens but our son is," he said as his wife cradled their 7-month-old, Atlas. "We want to make sure our son has a government that is right and good."

Organisers of the New York rally said they opposed Mr Trump's agenda, including proposed cuts in federal spending and construction of a wall along the border with Mexico.

"Donald Trump is literally our president, but figuratively, he has attacked every value New Yorkers embody and does not represent our interests," organisers said on Facebook.

In downtown Chicago, about 1,200 people gathered across the Chicago River from the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

Signs spotted in the crowd included "My body My Choice" and "Jesus was a refugee," references to Trump's anti-abortion stance and his efforts to stop admission of refugees.

Rebecca Wolfram of Chicago, who is in her 60s, said concerns about climate change and immigrant rights under Trump prompted her to start attending rallies.

"I'm trying to demonstrate as much as possible until I figure out what else to do," said Ms Wolfram, who held a sign saying "Old white ladies are really displeased."

Chicago police reported no arrests in the protest, the latest in a series since Mr Trump's January 20 inauguration.

Hundreds also rallied against Mr Trump in Salt Lake City, Utah while police confronted a small crowd of protesters in Portland, Oregon, where some people were taken into custody, local media reported.

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