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Now, More Than Ever Before, the Party Has More Responsibility to Advance the NDR!? - SACP Mpumalanga Province
20 February 2017

Augmented PEC statement

The SACP in Mpumalanga Province convened its 3rd ordinary plenary session on 18-19 February 2017 at Secunda, Govan Mbeki municipality. The meeting was attended by members the Central Committee, PEC members and augmented by district officials, sub-districts, our youth wing the Young Communist League of SA, alliance partners, Progressive Youth Alliance and the Communist Party of Swaziland.

The meeting received messages of support from the alliance partners, the ANC and COSATU, a message of international solidarity from the Communist Party of Swaziland and the Central Committee.

The meeting further received a presentation on Socio-Economic Development Perspective of the Mpumalanga Provincial government from the MEC for Economic Development and Finance.

The year 2017, which we declared the year of the branch and building capacity for state power, is a critical year in our revolutionary calendar as the movement. It is the year of the centenary of the birth of the revered struggle icon and the longest serving President of the ANC, Comrade Oliver Reginald Tambo. This year is the year of the centenary of the 1917 Great October Socialist Revolution. It is also the year of the 14th National Congress of the SACP and the 54th National Conference of the ANC.

The NDR is in Crisis: Defend and Advance the NDR!

We firmly believe that the National Democratic Revolution is on the brink of collapse because of foreign tendencies that have engulfed our ANC-headed movement. The revolution is facing the real threat of failing to achieve its objectives.

These tendencies, institutionalised factionalism, slate politics, arrogance of power and the influence of money, among others, have brought about corporate capture of the state and the movement. This is underpinned by looting of public resources by the parasitic bourgeoisie, such as in the case of the Eskom-Tegeta deal.

The only way to defend, advance and consolidate the revolution is commitment by revolutionary left forces and unity of the working class to confront these threats. Factionalism, corruption, looting and other related tendencies undermine the legitimacy of the leadership role of our movement.

State of the alliance

The SACP remains committed to the revolution, the existence and unity of the liberation alliance. We reaffirm that, we are in alliance with the ANC, COSATU and SANCO and not with any faction in the stated organisations. We are calling on the ANC to dissolve all factions. Factions distract the movement from focussing on the genuine cause of moving the national democratic revolution on to a second, more radical phase and impact negatively not only on the ANC but also on the Alliance.

We welcome the newly found unity in the province. As the Party we have always been striving for that unity. But unity must not be reduced a talk show at public platforms. It must be principled unity based on a common programme. The provincial Alliance leadership must assist the convening of all regional summits before the end of March 2017.

Unity does not in any way mean that the SACP loses its independence to implement its adopted programme of action and campaigns on the release of reports on KaNyamazane and political killings. We must unite in fighting against corruption and looting of public resources. The SACP will intensify its work in this regard.

Build mass power and radically transform the economy to serve our People

The working class and poor are on the receiving end of the challenges of inequality, unemployment and poverty. The working class and poor also find themselves in the middle of a battle between the emerging and established monopoly capital, including attempts capturing the National Treasury. Our strategic enemy is, and will always be, monopoly capital. Its colour does not matter, whether Black or White or White and Black. Liberation will not be complete unless our national resources and wealth are at the disposal of the people as a whole and are not manipulated by sections of individuals, be they Black or White. This is why as the SACP we will confront attempts at hijacking the second radical phase of our revolution and reducing it to be about developing Black exploiters of the masses of our people, the workers and poor.

We are calling for policies to develop national production. Without national production, and without policies to share the wealth produced according to the contribution of those involved in its production during the labour process, it will be impossible to fight the triple challenges of inequality, unemployment and poverty. It is important for the state to swiftly implement the establishment of a state-owned bank, co-operative banks, and to expand public and
socialised ownership across the economy.

We are concerned with the extreme high levels of private monopoly, oligopoly, concentration and dominance in the province and country at large. Private monopoly, oligopoly, concentration and dominance have resulted in a relatively weak manufacturing, co-operatives and small and micro and medium enterprises sector. It has become difficult to advance the township and rural economic development in the province. Mpumalanga is very rich in mineral resources but it is affected by high levels of inequality, unemployment and poverty. The wealth of the province is appropriated by big mining, wholesale and retail, private game lodge, casino and hospitality capitals, among others. The workers earn poverty wages or are unemployed. This must come to an end. The second radical phase must distribute a fair share of the wealth from production to the workers who produce it, rather a few individuals empowered on a capitalist basis in the name of all Black people.

The PEC commended the Competition Commission on the eventual action of investigating capitalist bank involved in corruption, the so-called collusion. It has for many years been our call that the working class is being robbed by financial institutions. The validity of our campaign for the transformation of the financial sector has been confirmed by the exposure.

This has proven the fact that there is more corruption in the private sector than the public sector. The massive impact of collusion by big business far outweighs the corruption that we have seen in the public sector. In any case there is no single case of corruption in the public sector without private interests involved. Private interests are the sole driver of corruption in our society. We call for harsh punitive measures against these banks.

The Party more than ever before, has a responsibility to confront all forms of monopoly in our economy and breakdown on all oligarchies whether established or emerging, Black or White!

The admission of Morocco to the African Union

We are surprised by the unfortunate decision of the African Union to admit Morocco as a member state, and, worse, without tabling any conditions. Morocco continues to advance a colonial agenda. This is a setback to the freedom of the Sahrawi people whose land is occupied my Morocco. We applaud the stance taken by the South African government of not voting for the admission of Morocco without conditions. Morocco must evacuate Western Sahara and allow the people of
Western Sahara to exercise their right to self-determination.


The people of Swaziland continue to languish in poverty whilst the Mswati regime spends money on international holiday trips at the expense of the vast majority of the struggling masses burdened by high levels of HIV prevalence and economic deprivation. We note with concern, the silence of the SADC nations on the ongoing human disaster and lack of democracy in that country. Failure for these member states to take a clear stance will undermine SADC's integrity and international standing on human rights.

We reaffirm our stance on the Umsebe Accord in support of the struggle of the people of Swaziland.

Solidarity with Palestine

The Party condemns the reckless behaviour by the DA leader Mmusi Maimane and his delegation to attempt giving legitimacy to Israel's apartheid. However, Maimane's shenanigans did not come as a shock because the DA remains the voice of monopoly capital and the oppressors against the opprossed. We call on our government to take a tough stance against the apartheid state of Israel, including cutting diplomatic relations untill such time that the Oslo Accord on the two-state solution is implemented and the proliferation of Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine ceases.

We call on our members to support and participate in a 365-day anti-apartheid Israel programme and activities.

Issued by SACP Mpumalanga

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