Saturday, February 18, 2017

ZimPF Fallout Confirms Mujuru’s Incompetence, Says First Lady
Zanu-PF secretary for Women’s Affairs, Amai Grace Mugabe

Tendai Mugabe
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

Embattled Zimbabwe People First leader and former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru was fired from Zanu-PF for gross incompetence and corruption among other charges, First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe has said.Dr Mugabe said, given recent developments and unsolicited testimonies from ZimPF founding members, she was vindicated on her revelations that Dr Mujuru was inept and incompetent.

Addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at St John’s Primary School in Buhera North yesterday, Dr Mugabe said the self-proclaimed “queen bee” of ZimPF was also the mastermind of the infamous “Bhora musango” strategy that saw President Mugabe losing to MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in the first round of elections in 2008.

ZimPF founders Messrs Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo last week revealed that after leaving Zanu-PF, they discovered that Dr Mujuru was endemically incompetent and her shallowness was for a long time shielded by President Mugabe.

“In fact, she was fired ‘queen bee’ (Dr Mujuru). A letter was written and signed, highlighting that we have fired you because you are incompetent,” said Dr Mugabe.

“I told you that she is incompetent and people said Mai Mugabe, you are mad. You journalists now you can see for yourselves that who is mad between Mai Mugabe and ‘queen bee’.

“Since 1980, she was a minister and for 10 years she was a Vice President but if you ask her what is the meaning of ideology, she doesn’t know. You all know it. I said it. Ask for forgiveness and President Mugabe is an accommodative person. He understands that a person can err and he can forgive you.

“I said kuna VaMutasa zvino mungakungurutsana naro zi’queen bee’ mukarigona? We read about it. It’s you (journalists who wrote that for us, telling us what we did not know. But what it shows is that it’s cold out there when you leave Zanu-PF.”

Added Dr Mugabe: “Queen bee, I once challenged her that you are corrupt and she said she is not. She is corrupt. I will tell her what I know. I have the intelligence. She cannot challenge me on that one. At times it’s a blessing in disguise that some people leave the party because they can spread corruption.”

Dr Mugabe said Dr Mujuru’s shallowness in her last days in Zanu-PF was distorting the essence of Zim-Asset economic blueprint to the people.

“We have Zim-Asset, which other people just parrot about without understanding it. This is one of the issues that ‘queen bee’ was partying about, and I said to her, Stop it! Haikona kungonokuma zvausingazive. Zvausingazive siya vanoziva vataure. Period. Some were just taking the Zim-Asset booklet and read it out to the people. Do you think that people eat that booklet when they go back home?”

Dr Mujuru is embroiled in a bitter wrangle with her fellow Zanu-PF rejects to control her fractious ZimPF party.

The fallout in the party reached a crescendo and this week Dr Mujuru claimed that some ZimPF founders wanted to bed her.

She accused Messrs Mutasa and Gumbo of personalising foreign donor funds, a claim which the Mutasa/Gumbo camp vehemently denied.

Turning to food security, Dr Mugabe said it was pleasing that this year the country received good rains.

She assured people that no one would die because of hunger.

Dr Mugabe donated various items and foodstuffs to the people of Buhera, including clothes, shoes and fertiliser, cooking oil, washing and bath soap, stockings and maize, among others.

She said some of the donations came from Government ministries.

Dr Mugabe said some people were fighting her and had written to donors dissuading them from giving her donations that would be passed on to the people.

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