Wednesday, May 31, 2017

FM Vice-minister Denounces Additional Sanctions Plan
“To turn away from the root cause of the escalating tension and denounce the DPRK for the inevitable option it chose to defend itself from that is nothing more than ‘flattery’ and ‘brown-nosing’ towards the backstage manipulators, rather than the expression of a stand based on the respect for international laws and regulations and the aspiration for world peace and stability,” Pak Myong Guk, vice-minister of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, stated on May 26.

The statement came as the US and its following forces are behaving frantically, clamouring for "additional sanctions" against the DPRK.

To term the DPRK's rocket launches a violation of "resolutions" of the UN Security Council is an expression of their ignorance or deliberate disregard of the fact that the "resolutions" are just the product of double-standards devoid of any legal grounds, he noted, and mentioned once again that there has not yet been any reply from the UN Secretariat though the DPRK demanded several times it explain the legal grounds for the anti-DPRK “sanctions resolutions” and proposed arranging an international forum of legal experts.

Although some countries “decry” or express “concern” about the DPRK’s rocket launches, they keep mum about the US act of bringing its nuclear-powered carrier strike groups and strategic nuclear submarines to the waters of the Korean peninsula to drive the situation to the brink of war, he said, referring to this as the most typical characteristics of vassal states bereft of independence and courage. He urged them to take the lead in realizing international justice, instead of toeing the US line, if they are truly interested in the defence of international peace and stability.


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