Sunday, May 28, 2017

Properly Combining the Class Line With the Mass Line
To properly combine the class line with the mass line means to properly embody the requirements of both the class line and the mass line in strengthening the revolutionary ranks and conducting the revolution and construction.

To implement the class line means to maintain the working-class principles in the revolution and construction and resolve all problems from the working-class standpoint. The DPRK defends the class character and revolutionary character of the working class in pushing forward the revolution and construction, thereby advancing the cause of socialism victoriously without any deviation or deflection.

To implement the mass line means to safeguard the interests of the broad sections of the people and resolve all the problems arising in the revolution and construction by actively enlisting the people’s inexhaustible creative strength and wisdom with confidence in them.

In politics the DPRK thoroughly embodies the principle of the Juche idea that the masses are the masters of the revolution and construction and they also have the strength to promote the revolution and construction. By doing so, it gives full play to the people’s revolutionary enthusiasm and creative initiative and, by relying on them, propels the revolution and construction.

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