Wednesday, May 31, 2017

UN Urged to Deal With Issues Fairly
The DPRK’s deputy permanent representative in the UN called a press conference on May 26 as regards the arrangement of an international forum of legal experts to probe into the legal ground of the anti-DPRK resolutions of the UN Security Council.

He condemned the US and its allies for picking on the DPRK over the steps to boost its self-defence capabilities and urged the UNSC and the UN Secretariat to behave impartially and prudently as regards the Korean peninsula situation, not blindly following the US.

The root cause of the tension on the peninsula teetering on the brink of war is the US’ incessant moves to stage provocative and aggressive joint military exercises by shipping all kinds of nuclear strategic assets in south Korea, he said.

He added that though the DPRK repeatedly requested the UNSC to discuss the joint military drills wrecking peace and security in the peninsula as its urgent agenda while sending letters to the UN secretary-general several times, the UN Secretariat turned its back on that, and branded the DPRK’s exercise of its legitimate right of self-defence as a violation of the "sanctions resolutions".

Noting the UN Secretariat has not yet given any reply to the DPRK’s request for organizing an international forum of legal experts for a probe into the legal ground of the "sanctions resolutions", he said the DPRK permanent mission in January 2017 proposed the UN Secretariat open an international forum in New York or Geneva in an effort to put an end to the illegal and wicked conduct persisting like a convention in the UNSC, but the US’ reptile broadcasting services spun out preposterous sophistries as to the legal ground of the "sanctions resolutions" as they quoted the non-professionals who are ignorant of international law.

In March 2017, he recalled, the DPRK permanent mission advanced a proposal to the UN Secretariat on letting governmental and non-governmental experts from all countries and international legal organizations attend the forum and on fixing its agenda rationally in full reflection of the opinions of the participants and such request was made on over 20 occasions afterwards including through letters to the UN secretary-general, press release of the mission and press conferences. It is preposterous for the UN Secretariat which is unable to clarify the legal ground of the resolutions to discuss their implementation, he decried.

The Secretariat of the UN, dedicated to global peace and security, should fulfil its responsibility on behalf of the international community and the UNSC and Secretariat should deal with international issues with impartiality and prudence, squarely seeing who really guarantees peace in the Korean peninsula before finding fault with the DPRK.


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