Wednesday, January 24, 2018

CPRC Spokesman Warns against Anti-DPRK Outrage
“We value the relationship with south Korea, but we have no intention of keeping goodwill and tolerance towards confrontationists even as we see them dare to challenge our supreme dignity and the sacred symbol of our state in an unheard-of provocative act,” a spokesman for the DPRK Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country said in a statement on January 23.

Such statement came as south Korean confrontationists are working to dampen the enthusiasm for improved inter-Korean relationship.

Following the arrival in Seoul of a field survey team of the DPRK prior to an artistic mission, those from the “patriotic party of Korea” held a press conference at Seoul railway station plaza to launch an anti-DPRK campaign, saying that “the Phyongchang Olympics are turning into the Pyongyang Olympics that publicize the north’s system and make its nukes a given” and “the north’s bid for dispatching a group of rooters and ensuring a joint training at Masikryong Ski Resort is an attempt at bringing to naught the sweat and efforts of the locals in Kangwon Province and Phyongchang”. And they went so far as to set afire to a portrait of the DPRK’s supreme dignity and its national flag.

“This is an intolerable mockery of the DPRK’s sincere effort to improve relations, and it is also an intentional political provocation designed to make the Olympics an event of confrontation between the north and south,” the spokesman said, adding it is an absolutely unforgivable class-A criminal act.

He criticized the south Korean authorities for their equivocal response, saying that they talked about “freedom of speech” and “called for restraint”. Such act is nothing less than a wrongdoing of aiding and abetting the conservatives, he noted.

“We will never tolerate the heinous acts of the conservative scum who violated our sacred dignity and symbol and the wrong behaviour of the south Korean authorities who connived at the outrage, and cannot but reconsider the follow-ups to our measures for the upcoming Winter Olympics,” he emphasized.

He warned that the DPRK would closely watch the approach of the south Korean authorities in the wake of the anti-DPRK outrage.

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