Wednesday, January 24, 2018

US Decried for Anti-DPRK Intrigue
“The DPRK is maintaining a constant alert, following every move of the US that is taking disturbing military actions while continuing to dispatch its strategic nuclear assets to and around the Korean peninsula even at this moment,” a spokesman for the Institute of American Studies of the DPRK Foreign Ministry told KCNA on January 18.

The statement came after the US and Canada conspired to arrange a meeting of foreign ministers of 20 countries, including those that had participated in the 1950-53 Korean war by servilely following the US, in Canada’s Vancouver on January 15-16.

According to the spokesman, the US Secretary of State at the war-oriented confab talked about a military option, clamouring for intensifying anti-DPRK pressure until it abandons its nuclear programme, including restrictions on export of crude oil and industrial goods, strengthened maritime control and deportation of DPRK citizens working overseas.

Many countries including neighbours, he said, are unanimous in arguing that the character and contents of the recent meeting are unhelpful to the détente in the Korean peninsula and that it will rather have the reverse effect.

Through the recent meeting the US revealed its intention to trigger another war in the Korean peninsula, though it talks about dialogue, he asserted.

He also called the attention of the countries, which attended the dubious meeting bereft of legal justification by blindly following the US without their own principles, to the aftereffects.

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