Friday, March 30, 2018

Japan Had Better Address Its Human Rights Abuses
Recently, Japan is getting more frantic with anti-DPRK human rights campaign.

The vice-representative of the Japanese mission in Geneva asserted at the 37th Session of the UN Human Rights Council that north Korea continues developing nukes and missiles disregarding human rights, and cried out for submitting a "resolution" against the DPRK.

At the 62nd Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, Japan talked such nonsense that the number of sexual slaves totalling 200 000 is groundless and that Japan contributed to the peace and security of the world after the Second World War.

It is the revelation of impudence and moral baseness of Japan.

Japan has no right and justification to talk about human rights as it is the worst human rights abuser.

In the last century it invaded Asian nations, being keen on hegemony, and perpetrated the worst unethical crimes unprecedented in the human history of wars.

In Korea alone, it cruelly killed innocent Koreans numbering more than one million and forcibly took millions of young and middle-aged Koreans to toilsome places and battlefields and reduced 200 000 women to sexual slaves for the imperial Japanese army.

Instead of admitting and making an apology and reparation for the crimes, schoolgirls of Japan, to say nothing of its governmental officials, are making no scruple of talking such reckless remarks that the issue of "comfort women" is a voluntary prostitution for money and that they should deem it an honour to become sexual slaves for the imperial Japanese army.

The present human rights situation in Japan is very deplorable.

It is Japan that runs brothels for old women seeking abnormal sexual pleasure in the heart of Tokyo.

Worse still, Japan went the lengths of regarding the cries of children at nurseries in 42 cities, wards, towns and villages which amount to 70 percent in Tokyo Metropolis, as noises and giving legal justification to it.

As revealed recently in Japanese society, it is a commonplace that parents beat their children to death.

Japan, whose society is as ever plagued with crimes against human rights, is still in the dock as a war criminal state.

This being a hard fact, the vice-representative was not ashamed of saying this or that over human rights. It shows only the ethics concepts and political and moral degeneration of Japanese society which is extremely degenerated and where crimes are rampant.

Japan should be well aware that its impudent human rights smear campaign disregarding the reality will bring only disgrace to itself.

Japan had better address its human rights abuses, first of all.


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