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U.S Military Base in Ghana: Basic Information Every Ghanaian Needs to Know
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Following the Recent outpour of rejection by peace-loving Ghanaians including myself about news of The Government of Ghana signing A military Cooperation agreement with United States of America, in conducting further research for possible reasons why the U.S is so bent on Ghana for a military agreement despite that fact that Ghana is acclaimed one of the most peaceful countries in Africa.

As a global citizen and lover for Peace of the world, I took in to look deep by way of researching on the topic since the Words of the politicians are not only too technically to be understood but also excessively contradictory to be relayed on.

Q1. What is a Military Base?

A military base is a facility directly owned and operated by or for the military or one of its branches that shelters military equipment and personnel, and facilitates training and operations. In general, a military base provides accommodations for one or more units, but it may also be used as a command center, a training ground, or a proving ground. In most cases, a military base relies on some outside help in order to operate. However, certain complex bases are able to endure by themselves for long periods because they are able to provide food, water, and other life support necessities for their inhabitants while under siege. Military bases for military aviation are called military air bases. Military bases for military ships are called naval bases. (thefreedictionary2018)


A Brief Overview of Ghana – U.S relations for the start:

“According to the Pew Research Global Attitudes Project, 83% of Ghanaians viewed the U.S. favorably in 2002, declining slightly down to 80% in 2007,[2] according to the 2012 U.S. Global Leadership Report, 79% of Ghanaians approve of U.S. leadership, with 12% disapproving and 10% uncertain,and in a 2013.BBC World Service Poll, 82% of Ghanaians view U.S. influence positively, the highest rating for any surveyed African country.” (Wikipedia 3/25/18)

Tracking the U.S Presidential Visits to Ghana;

Latest is the 11/07/2009 Historic President Obama’s visit to Africa which he started from Ghana, although the questions stills remain unanswered as to why Ghana and not his own Kenya, the country of his roots.

Former. President’s Bush 19-21 February 2008 trip to Ghana got clouded by the speculation of him coming down to seal a deal for a U.S Military base in Ghana. However, the air was later cleared by Mr. Bush, denouncing and calling the rumor a ‘Balony’ a word used to describe a bull in Texas. As well Former President Bill Clinton’s March 23, 1998, trip to Ghana was similarly related to the issue of security hence all about meeting President Rawlings and the Peace Corps project.


Aside from the relentless efforts by world organizations such as the United Nations to depolarize nuclear Weapons in the world, some countries are still adamant.

In the advent of the Nuclear militarization of armies of not only the world’s powerful and robust nations but also nations that seem to poses the nuclear capabilities irrespective of their economic status. It is therefore imperative for any nation that seeks to dominate the world takes advantage of the slightest Military strategic position.

There is absolutely no doubt that Ghana’s position from a view from space is the best strategic location on earth in any event of military adventure.

From a satellite view of the planet earth, there is absolutely no doubt that from the terrestrial view that Ghana is more like to be the center or most strategic position on earth and any other nation will grave to maintain a significant position in geographically.


As the saying goes U.S FIRST and so shall it always be forever. Be it what may, it’s a fact the U.S is very smart in transactions of this nature and before making any decision, all the odds had been calculated. It is therefore certain that the U.S has more to win than their Ghanaian counterparts.
My interest is to find out what benefits it hold for the common Ghanaian whose life is affected by any decision taken by the Ghanaian politician whose seems of more politically motivated rather than considerate of National Interest like their U.S counterparts.

Sadly From the news headlines, the average and only understandably items of benefit from this current Security Cooperation Agreement is $20 million dollars in exchange for unrestricted access to Ghanaian facilities which the oppositions forces of this agreement basically quantity as Ghana’s sovereignty. Not only does this amounts of money raises the anger of Ghanaians, it also baffles a host of Ghanaians who trusted the words of the president promising his flagship campaign for a Ghana beyond Aid on one hand and supervises a cabinet to endorse the ratification of such an agreement for an insignificant amount for a “Military Aid”.

Ghana bearing a tag of U.S Military Base automatically qualifies Ghana as a target of any U.S adversary in the instance of military confrontations. It is my hope U.S will be ready to protect the innocent common Ghanaian at all instance, thus if they can? Because the U.S hasn’t been able to salvage its own innocent citizens from brutal terror attacks, regrettably.


As a global citizen and a seeker for peace and progress of the world, I would be very delighted if the U.S convert their efforts and investments for a Military Base in Ghana to Construction of a Railway Line from the Southern Most to the Northern Most part of Ghana that could be of benefit to both Ghana and the U.S in both short and long-term. They could provide security training to the workers and operators of the railway line which indeed will generate income for both countries. That is more of a priority to Ghana’s economic advancement than a military enhancement.

By: M. Anasir (NashTheGlobalCitizen)

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