Friday, March 30, 2018

Mind Your Own Affairs
Japan launched another anti-DPRK human rights campaign at the recent 37th UN Human Rights Council session.

The deputy representative of Geneva-based Japanese mission said in the meeting that the DPRK keeps developing nukes and missiles in disregard of the locals’ human rights and in violation of UNSC resolutions, urging the international community to take an action against it.

He went so far as to bring a seven-page draft “resolution on north Korean human rights” before the meeting in a bid to brand the DPRK as human rights violator.

Japan has made no reparations and apology though it committed heinous, unethical crimes unprecedented in the world and inflicted immeasurable misfortune and suffering on the Koreans and other Asian nations. It is ridiculous for the Japanese, the modern version of Don Quixote, who is acting rashly without sensing himself, to talk about the DPRK’s human rights.

Now, the voice of denunciation and criticism against the sexual slavery crimes committed by the Japanese militarists during World War II is getting louder in the world.

Japan’s attitude and stand towards it, however, enrage all the people.

Japan keeps denying the past wrongdoings while distorting history, asserting that the sexual slavery issue was not organizational but voluntary service.

This is a mockery of the international community and a shameless act of insulting the sexual slavery victims.

The locals are following suit.

World-startling murder cases occur one after another these days in Japan. In a few months ago, a woman was arrested in Kanagawa Prefecture as she threw away her dead suckling in a traveller’s bag, and a female strangled her husband in Aichi Prefecture.

It shows that all kinds of crimes beyond imagination are rampant in Japanese society.

Such a country has no face to speak ill of the DPRK’s human rights.

Japan had better mind its own affairs.

By Song Jong Ho PT

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