Monday, June 29, 2020

Announcement of Focus on Prevention Measures in Beijing, China
China's Beijing Sickness Prevention and Control Center recently released a guideline on the importance of quarantine measures to be kept in the crowd.

The handbook pointed out that citizens always wear masks, adhere to restrictions on contact between people, protect hand hygiene, participate in health checks, maintain hygiene when eating, and conduct thorough cleaning and disinfection routinely.

The handbook says that people with any respiratory diseases, including rolling and general colds, should not go to public places and must wear a mask if they must go, after eating food in daily life and after using the hygiene room and joint It was suggested to make a habit of washing hands in a timely manner after making contact with the objects used.

He also said that he should participate well in health examinations conducted by the community, public places, and units, and actively cooperate with body temperature tests.

In addition, the handbook emphasized that if you have a fever or cough, you should be treated and tested on time.

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