Monday, June 29, 2020

For the Good of the People
One day in November of Juche 101 (2012), comrade Kim Jong- un, the dearest leader, visited an equestrian training ground for a People's Army division in Pyongyang.

He who followed the equestrian trail and gauged the condition, said that this equestrian training course is a suitable place for equestrian exercise, and that equestrian exercise is a very good exercise that develops bravery and audacity for people. He had an erection to transform into a riding club.

Continuing, he said that the newly remodeled horseback riding ground should be called “Mirim Horseriding Club” as much as it is in the Mirim area .

Since then, the Mirim Horse Riding Club has been splendidly decorated in a short period as a comprehensive public horse riding service base with all the conditions and environments necessary for equestrian exercise and education.

His thoughts and practices for promoting the well-being of the people were endless.

Juche 107 (2018) In July 2018, when he was in charge of local business in various sectors of North Hamgyong Province, he erected an important military base in the Jungpyeong district of Gyeongseong-gun and built a large male and female greenhouse and nursery for the people. He left the task to the People's Army.

In this way, hundreds of Namsae greenhouses, nurseries, and Salim houses, which have been scientifically and intensively concentrated in a year or so, have risen.

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