Sunday, June 28, 2020

US Drifting Amid Chaos, Uncertainties: Global Times Editorial
Global Times
2020/6/27 21:58:35
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The record-breaking coronavirus data in the US on Thursday and Friday is appalling, with the number of newly confirmed cases reaching around 40,000 per day. The death toll in the US has exceeded 125,000, and the country is mired in chaos and drifting aimlessly amid various uncertainties.

The epidemic situation in the US has spiraled out of control. The White House on Friday resumed its briefings on the epidemic. Vice President Mike Pence offered no remedy but reiterated the stance of the White House: The spike is largely due to increased testing. Being that bold and straight, US politicians must have been supported by strong minds and twisted values in US society.

While a US administration slaps its own face with pride, does such a government need any morality and justice to launch overseas attacks? In the past few days, US politicians - from National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - have used the most vicious language against China.

On Saturday morning Beijing time, the US State Department announced it would impose visa bans on Chinese officials accused of infringing upon "freedom" of Hong Kong citizens. Such fault-finding with China presents black humor. Since the epidemic situation in the US is the worst in the world, no Chinese would like to go to the US before the situation turns better, except those who think of studying in the US.

Epidemic fight and economic resumption are closely related in all countries. The US government will not succeed if it only wants economic resumption. Its current policy logic is twisted, and the election campaign is ongoing with lies and attacks against each other. The current US administration has neither the will nor the ability to cure social woes. It only resorted to criticizing China and fanning anti-China flames in US society as a temporary remedy.

When high-ranking US officials wantonly attack China, Beijing need not argue with Washington. The US has no will to reach a consensus to ease conflicts, but tries to exploit ulterior gains beyond the reality of China-US relations.

The Chinese people must accept that they are facing a reckless China policy adopted by the US. Two driving forces are behind such a policy. First, the US wants to maintain its global hegemony, so it continues to suppress China. Second, the GOP-led government is determined to pass the buck to China as the core strategy of its election campaign. How much room is left to improve China-US relations?

At least in the next few months, China-US relations will remain as it is. To cope with US provocation, China should enhance internal unity and win support from the international community. There is no manner in the US government's posture against China, and Washington has broken all kinds of bottom lines in major power diplomacy. As long as China deals with it properly, it is bound to win more moral support.

Washington's China policy has gone too far, which appears tough but is actually weak inside. The US has few cards to play, and is pushing itself to the status of a paper tiger.

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