Wednesday, August 02, 2017

A Legacy That Grows
Machado Ventura heads tributes in Santiago de Cuba to honor Frank País and Raúl Pujol, on the 60th anniversary of their assassinations

Author: Eduardo Palomares Calderón |
July 31, 2017 09:07:38
Photo: Miguel Rubiera Justiz

SANTIAGO DE CUBA.– José Ramón Machado Ventura, second Party secretary and a vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers, lead the traditional pilgrimage here of thousands of residents from Céspedes Park to Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, to honor Frank País and Raúl Pujol on the 60th anniversary of their assassinations.

Also joining the tribute were Lázaro Expósito Canto, provincial Party secretary and a vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers; Susely Morfa González,first secretary of the Young Communists League; and Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, president of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power.

The march followed the path of the combative crowd which accompanied the remains of the two underground fighters who were killed in cold blood, as is done every July 30.

The tribute on the occasion of Martyrs of the Revolution Day, established in 1959, began early, at the corner of the Callejón del Muro and San Germán Street, with a reenactment of the events surrounding the assassinations of the two young rebels at the hands of the Batista dictatorship.

Susely Morfa addressed participants, emphasizing, "Frank's struggle has not ended, and will not end as long as the possibility exists that someone could harm the Revolution… We do not have the right to fail, or rest even a minute in the struggle to protect what has been accomplished thus far. It is up to us to support, with our own effort, consciousness, and preparation, the social project approved by the 7th party Congress, when Fidel reiterated to the world that Cuba will triumph!

"In this land the Revolution triumphed, those who gave us this free, independent, sovereign homeland came down from these mountains, and in this land proclaimed our decision to be true to the ideas of Martí, to the ideas of thousands of youth who like Frank País and Raúl Pujol, gave their lives for the Revolution."

Floral wreaths in the name of President Raúl Castro Ruz and the Cuban people were placed beside the grave of Frank País, and in the Pantheon of Martyrs within the cemetery.

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