Tuesday, August 08, 2017

South Korean Warmongers' Foolhardy Provocation Under Fire
Warmongers of the south Korean puppet military are getting reckless in their confrontation hysteria against the DPRK, frightened by the strategic position and military muscle of the ever-victorious DPRK.

They launched a madcap live-shell firing drill targeting the DPRK in the hotspot waters of the West Sea on August 7 despite the unanimous public denunciation and opposition.

In the afternoon of that day they perpetrated a military provocation by firing hundreds of shells and rockets with 155-mm self-propelled howitzers, K-9s, coastline artillery pieces of the 6th navy brigade and the Yonphyong unit deployed on Paengnyong and Yonphyong islands, surface-to-surface guided weapon Spike and even army gunships.

This reckless military action is very dangerous as it is timed to coincide with the moves of the US bringing its nuclear strategic assets frequently to the Korean peninsula to stage a madcap drill for preemptive nuclear attack, the airdrop drill being intensively staged by the US 25th Infantry Division and 82nd Airborne Division to invade the DPRK and the drill being staged by the troops of the US 10th Infantry Division in south Korea to get familiar with the procedures of strike on the strategic objects of the DPRK.

It is a well-known fact that President Trump and other heavyweights of the US administration have revealed their scenario for invading the DPRK, openly blustering that they would rather unleash a war than allow the DPRK's nuclear missile development.

It is none other than the puppet military warmongers who are taking the lead in carrying out the US war policy while revealing their bellicose stance to stand against the DPRK at any cost, pursuant to the US hostile policy and strategy for invading the DPRK.

Whenever the DPRK's great successes in the test-launches of its ICBM Hwasong-14 were reported, the puppet military warmongers resorted to arms buildup and military provocation. They are now acting rashly before the very eyes of the army of the DPRK, risking their lives.

The DPRK's army, which has put the whole US territory in the range of its strike, remains unperturbed by such shelling drill of the puppet army.

It is the resolute determination and will of the DPRK's army to annihilate those who dare to stand against it by dint of its invincible arms of Songun and throw them into the abyss of final ruin.

The puppet military warmongers should not act rashly, bearing in mind that if they act like a puppy knowing no fear of the tiger, not only the Paengnyong and Yonphyong islands but also Seoul will turn into a sea of flames.

The army of the DPRK is fully ready to make provocateurs experience what the shower of Songun Korea's heavy strikes is like at any time and in any place.


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