Friday, December 31, 2010

President Jonathan's Advisor on Niger Delta Resigns

Jonathan’s Advisor on Niger Delta Matters Resigns

Date: Friday, December 31, 2010
Petroleum Africa

Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan will have to look for a new presidential advisor on Niger Delta matters as his current advisor, Timi Alaibe, has resigned. Alaibe resigned from his position with the presidency to run for governor of Bayelsa State in the April elections.

According to a Reuters report President Jonathan has accepted Alaibe’s resignation, although it comes at a bad time for the Niger Delta as militant action has increased over the past month causing production to be shut-in at some oil facilities.

A joint military task force has had a number of successes against the militants in the Niger Delta over the past month, and have arrested a number of key leaders during its campaign in the swamps. While some success has been seen, the task force has been unable to stop the sabotage of pipelines with have been the cause of much of the shut in production.

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