Monday, December 20, 2010

WikiLeaks Exposes MDC in Zimbabwe

WikiLeaks exposes MDC

By Psychology Maziwisa
Zimbabwe Herald

The leaking into the public domain of otherwise private communications between American diplomats and their government may have severely compromised United States diplomatic relations — that is unfortunate when carefully analysed.

For us as a country, however, they have assisted in curing a decade-old cancer in our politics and that is a miracle.

Make no mistake; MDC’s worst fears and Zimbabwe’s deepest suspicions have been confirmed. The devil is a liar. On the evidence thus far presented by Wikileaks, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and his accomplices can only be guilty as charged.

As a matter of urgency, sentencing must commence.

Not a single second should be wasted in mitigation — these guys are as treacherous as they come.

After many years of propaganda disguised as struggle for democratic change, the truth is finally here and it is unmistakable. At this point all the cynics owe President Mugabe an apology. At this point, too, he deserves unstinting respect from his followers. Hereafter, everyone ought to believe every wise word that comes out of his mouth.

President Mugabe warned us many years ago of Tsvangirai’s wickedness. Tsvangirai himself confirmed this when he devilishly told a sanctions-stricken and so a hunger-stricken nation: "…Mati mune nzara? Hamuna chekudya? zvinomuchanyatsoshaisisa chaizvo-izvo!’’

It was a statement only a man with control, absolute control, over the instigation, aggravation and removal of sanctions could say.

That Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and his Movement for Puppetry Change have had as their sole agenda the extrajudicial change of government in Zimbabwe through massive meddling and handling by foreign governments sympathetic to the MDC and so hostile to Zimbabwe is irrefutably corroborated in the following statement as transmitted by Dell to the American government: "…….I leave convinced that had we had different partners, we could have achieved more already … the current (MDC) leadership will require massive hand holding and assistance should they ever come to power."

And don’t be fooled by the nonsense that there is a single leader worth the name within that ideologically insolvent project — much less a leader of quality. I like Dell’s sense of humour.

I like it because, beyond the employment of confusing legal jargon in purely financial speeches, Biti has had nothing to offer. Virtually nothing! Young Chamisa suffers from a chronic criticism allergy.

Quality leadership is open to criticism. It is accountable not reactive. It is transparent not defensive. Better than Tsvangirai they might be — but quality leaders they most certainly are not.

Meanwhile, a subsequent cable has shown that Morgan has been grossly misrepresenting the nation. Like his American friends, Tsvangirai is a liar. Apparently, what he says in public about sanctions is entirely detached from what he says in private about the same matter. Bluntly put, Tsvangirai is a fraud.

And to think that he is frantically making an already terrible situation worse even as everyone else is busy trying to rebuild the very country he ruined is most disconcerting.

In the name of God, something must be done about these people. They have been caught red-handed. Justice must prevail. Without further ado they need to be served with marching orders to Chikurubi or permanently seen across Limpopo or Zambezi — whichever is nearer.

They have betrayed not just their followers but the very independence and sovereignty our patriots fought for, sacrificed for and even died for. Did they tell their supporters they were hoodwinking them? That Zimbabwe would move from independence to dependency?

We are faced with a major national security threat. Tsvangirai is to Zimbabwe what Osama bin Laden is to America. And that is the end of the matter.

What makes our situation even worse is that the hit man is within our borders and can strike anytime. He has the backing of the world’s super power for goodness sake! The evidence has been presented. It is as shocking as it is damning.

The time for games is over. At the very least, Tsvangirai and his accomplices must disband their project. To do so is not only honourable, it is instructive. Otherwise Osama might as well set up a political party in Washington.

The MDC project is bad for our people. It is bad for our country. Bad for everything our country stands for. As it stands, our economy is struggling largely because of MDC-instigated sanctions whose effect has been as widespread as a veld fire.

Meanwhile, apart from being a private club representing the old order in an ever changing world, the United Nations comprises mainly of the founders and funders of the MDC.

They have thus been able to manipulate the decisions of the World Bank and IMF whose refusal to provide Zimbabwe with much needed aid has been revealing. Is President Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe? When a family in Muzarabani sleeps on empty stomachs because the economy has been savagely ruined by sanctions, tears come to my eyes.

My heart aches when a family man like Philip Chiyangwa, who will do anything to support his children, is unable to attend his daughter’s graduation ceremony because of sanctions.

Enough of this MDC nonsense! If there is one duty every citizen owes to this country, right now, it is the duty of disseminating the Wikileaks revelation to every village, every district, every town and every city.

This will enrage all of our citizens but that is precisely what we need — anger. That anger needs to be harnessed in order that Tsvangirai and company are driven out with the same kind of determination, courage and clarity our fallen heroes conveyed when they defeated Ian Smith.

Zimbabwe is not against multi-party democracy. It is against fake democrats. It is against hypocrites. It is certainly against the MDC and everything it represents.

Indeed, Zimbabwe has no shortage of political parties. But, and this is a big but, we ought to be deeply concerned and prepared to act when treasonous activities surface not least because they subvert the will of our people. In these circumstances, right now, appropriate action needs to be taken.

To pretend and act as though all were normal is to abdicate a responsibility inherent in every government namely: to protect and defend the independence and sovereignty of their country. But more than that, it would be to subject the security and safety of our citizens in harm’s way and that we simply cannot afford.

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