Sunday, June 26, 2011

Case of the Cuban Five Censored in US media

Havana. June 24, 2011

Case of the Five censored in U.S. media

WASHINGTON, June 23.— The International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 today gave an example of U.S. media censorship in relation to the case of the Cuban anti-terrorists incarcerated in the United States.

A journalist from the CNN network was interested in covering Gerardo Hernandez's exhibit of cartoons he created in prison, Humor from my Pen and set up an interview, as a communiqué from the group notes, as reported by PL.

The interview took place on June 3 in the SPARC Gallery, a former prison in the city of Venice, with organizers from the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 in both Spanish and English. The CNN journalist also interviewed the Executive Director of SPARC, Debra Padilla.

"We did not know just how much the journalist knew about the case of the Cuban 5 but after more than 3 hours she learned not only about the artistic talents displayed in Gerardo's cartoons but also about the deep injustice that he and his four brothers have been enduring for 13 years for defending their country, Cuba, against terrorism," the communiqué continues.

The journalist did not know how long it would take before the Committee would know if the interview was going to be aired but mentioned that her editor wanted to find someone with a different "point of view" to "balance" the story. Their surprise about the interview was even greater when they were told that the "balanced" segment was complete and going to be aired on a program of CNN called "Encuentro" on Wednesday, June 15 at 2pm PST.

However, it was not broadcast because of "an ’executive decision’ not to air the segment." This reveals the persistent attitude of the U.S. media in concealing the truth about the case of the Five.

The communiqué emphasizes, "So many times we hear about freedom in the United States with a free media that covers all points of views; but in the end it is those at the top of the media chain of command who will determine what is news and what isn't."

Where is this free media when it comes to covering the case of the Cuban 5?

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