Friday, June 24, 2011

NATO Drone Goes Down in Libya

NATO drone goes down in Libya

Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:51PM

NATO says it has lost an unmanned drone aircraft in Libya, which was conducting a surveillance flight over the North African country.

Libyan state TV broadcast images of what appeared to be aircraft wreckage.

Libyan officials say a NATO Apache attack helicopter was downed in Zlitan, about 137 kilometers (85 miles) east of the capital Tripoli.

But NATO denies Libya's claims that the aircraft was an apache helicopter. It says investigations are underway as to why the aircraft disappeared from the radar screen.

"This drone helicopter was performing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance over Libya to monitor pro-Qaddafi forces threatening the civilian population," said NATO spokesman Wing Cmdr. Mike Bracken.

NATO has deployed its full range of aircraft in the war on Libya. The military alliance says the operations are aimed at protecting civilians.

The Libyan government, however, says the air raids have resulted in the death of civilians.

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