Saturday, June 18, 2011

ZANU-PF, ANC Youths to Continue Fight Against Imperialism

Zanu-PF, ANC youths to continue fight against imperialism

Saturday, 18 June 2011 01:00
Herald Reporter

ZANU-PF youths have called for a brotherly support between revolutionary parties to overcome imperialists trying to infiltrate sovereign nations under the guise of democracy.

Party youth leader Cde Absolom Sikhosana said Zanu-PF and the nation at large would continue to work with South Africa's ANC to nip imperialism in the bud.

He said this while addressing participants at the ANC Youth League's 24th Congress that is currently underway at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg.

The congress, Cde Sikhosana said, came at a time when Africa and independent nations had been experiencing good and bad events that had been happening at the same time.

"This historic congress comes at a time when the world appears to be a very dangerous place to live in and tears have not dried up in mourning an icon of liberation, Mama Albertina Sisulu.

"Her death came at a time when the ANC is still celebrating the sweet victory in the recent local government elections. That form has to be maintained at all times.

"Also Libya is under fire from Western imperialists who claim they want to bring democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Apart from that Zimbabwe is under illegal sanctions that have brought untold suffering to the entire population," Cde Sikhosana said.

He urged Africans to remain united against Western forces that are ravaging weaker states under the guise of democracy.

"One is tempted to ask if democracy is about invading weaker sovereign states, murder pillaging and bombing into submission those who hold different views from them.

"As compatriots, we share so much in common and those who pretend to teach us human rights are not qualified to lecture us about democracy, human rights and property rights."

Cde Sikhosana told the gathering that parties should remain in unison.

"Zimbabwe and South Africa are independent politically but there is still the economic struggle ahead.

"Political independence without economic control over resources is too hollow and useless.

"Further steps have to be taken by repossessing our land and everything in proximity," he said.

Cde Sikhosana saluted the ANC's theme, which is line with addressing historical imbalances.

He applauded the ANCYL over the stance it took over the nationalisation of mines.

The Zanu-PF youth leader also said those who perceived themselves to be monitors had to remove their hands from Africa and its resources.

Africans and their leaders, he added, would work with those who agree to the belief of the sovereign nations in line with the United Nations Charter.

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