Thursday, June 30, 2011

African Union Summit Opens in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea Hosts 17th African Union Summit

AU Chairman Welcomes Delegations from 54 Nations

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea, June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea welcomed leaders from across the African continent and around the world, as it opened the 17th African Union Summit in Malabo. With the theme "Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development," the conference served as a frame for showcasing the nation's efforts to improve opportunities for its young people.

The country's call to support African youth supports the African Union goals to create an affluent and peaceful Africa.

As the African Union Summit host, Equatorial Guinea received heads of state and delegations from the 54 AU member countries and other delegations from outside the continent that arrived in Malabo for the summit.

Since President Obiang's nomination as African Union chairman, the country has worked diligently to build infrastructure to support so many world leaders and it has proved to be ready for an event of this magnitude.

The African delegations are hosted at the newly-built Softel Sipopo Le Golf Hotel, delegations are also staying in individual villas in Sipopo which makes it an easy commute to the newly opened International Conference Center where the summit is taking place.

The conference center displays several infrastructure projects the country is currently undertaking to improve conditions for its citizens.

Equatorial Guinea has also provided other hotels and accommodations in Malabo for members of the media. As the media interested in covering the summit kept increasing, the government made sure to streamline the country's entry process to ensure international reporters are able to cover the event.

The heads of state and government will gather for the 17th ordinary assembly June 30 - July 1, concluding the summit.

About Equatorial Guinea

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea (Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial) is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa, and one of the smallest nations on the continent. In the late-1990s, American companies helped discover the country's oil and natural gas resources, which only within the last five years began contributing to the global energy supply.

Equatorial Guinea is now working to serve as a pillar of stability and security in its region of West Central Africa. The country will host the 2011 Summit of the African Union.

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