Friday, June 29, 2012

Occupied-Libya Fires on Tunisian Fishing Boat, Killing 1

Libya Fires on Tunisian Fishing Boat, Killing 1

Libyan coast guard shoots at Tunisian fishing boat, killing captain

The Associated Press

Tunisia's Foreign Ministry says it is investigating what led the Libyan coast guard to open fire on a Tunisian fishing vessel, killing the captain.

The incident occurred late Wednesday. Three of the 17 fishermen on board the vessel were wounded. The captain succumbed to his wounds Thursday.

Ministry spokesman Mohammed Nafti told The Associated Press, that the "urgent inquiry" would try to determine who was responsible for the incident.

Tunisian authorities are working on repatriating the boat, the fishermen and the captain's corpse, all in Libyan custody.

There are conflicting claims in the Tunisian press about whether the boat was in Libyan or international waters.

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