Wednesday, June 27, 2012

US Morally Less Qualified to Advise on Human Rights in Sudan

US Morally less Qualified to Advise on Human Rights Issues, FM

Mohamed Abdallah
Sudan Vision

Khartoum – The Sudanese Government has rejected statements by the US Secretary of States in which she alleged crackdown on “peaceful demonstrations”.

“The statement is flagrant interference in internal affairs of Sudan” the Sudanese Government said.

“The Sudanese Government reject this interference, the US is not more caring towards the Sudanese people than their Government”, Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted.

The Ministry called on the US to give up pursuing double standard policy and to start handling Sudanese issues based on facts and firsthand information rather than political propaganda and allegations.

The Ministry added that the United States of America is morally less qualified to advice in this regard at a time when the US bombs innocent civilians across the world and cracked down on Wall Street demonstrators.

While the Sudanese government is committed to guarantee the right to peaceful demonstration and expression, it is also committed as any other government to ensure the protection of public and private property and to crackdown on saboteurs who cross the limit of peaceful expression to target lives and property.

The Ministry blamed Sudan’s economic difficulties on the US due to its economic sanctions which is a flagrant violation of the international law for a powerful country to impose economic blockade on a developing nation, adding that the US has never played a positive role towards peace in Sudan and obstructed efforts to write off Sudan debts.

Talk about war in South Kordofan ignores the fact that it was ignited by the party that lost State elections in May 2011, elections that were described as free and fair by the international community including well-known American institutions, the Ministry said.

The US knows very well which party is obstructing efforts to achieve agreement on oil between Sudan and South Sudan, the Ministry added.

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