Saturday, June 23, 2012

US State Department Places Bounty on Somalia Resistance Leaders

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 at 10:07 am

SOMALIA: Senior Al Shabaab commander says ‘Not fear of U.S’

By; Abdalle Ahmed
Mogadishu (RBC)

Senior Al Shabaab commander Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali better known as Abu mansor has ignored the recently announced ‘Reward for the Justice’ programme which the U. S state department has placed seven top leaders of the Somalia’s armed group of Al Shabaab, RBC Radio reports.

The rewards for seven leaders of the al-Shabab militia movement was included Abu Mansor who is seen as one of the most vocal figures in the group.

“If they [U.S government] can harm me, I tell now that I am here in Burhakaba town and also I can move freely in Somalia.” Abu Mansor said in his first reaction against to the call of the U.S government during a speech in a mosque in Burhakaba town.

This famous commander also claimed that he was not in fear of anyone and that he was enjoying a full confidence in the Al Shabaab controlled regions of Somalia.

“The Mujahidin, like me are not giving any attention to the calls of the Americans and their allies. We do not hide ourselves we publicly say we are here.. try if you can.” Abu Mansor added.

Meanwhile only three days after the call of the U.S state department, another well-known Al Shabaab commander Sheikh Fu’ad Shongole has reacted that he would pay for ten camels for the arrest of the U.S president Barrack Obama.

The bounty programme announced by the Obama administration early this month has offered $33 million for the information leading the arrest of seven top members of Al Shabaab group in Somalia which has officially linked to Al Qaeda network.

The programme promised up to $7 million for al-Shabab’s founder, Ahmed Abdi aw-Mohamed; up to $5 million each for his associates, Ibrahim Haji Jama, Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, Bashir Mohamed Mahamoud and Mukhtar Robow; and up to $3 million for Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi and Abdullahi Yare, according to the U.S state depertment.

RBC Radio

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