Tuesday, May 28, 2013

African National Congress Women's League to Boost Party With Its Immense Election Machinery

ANCWL to boost ANC with its 'immense election machinery'

The ANC Women's League has said it is capable of helping the ruling party maintain its majority in the 2014 national elections.

27 May 2013 18:30 - Sapa

"We are ready to release our immense election machinery to ensure the ANC maintains its overwhelming majority. These elections will be a priority," the ANC Women's League said on Monday.

"As women, we have proven time and again how capable we are. We will ensure that the opposition does not make any gains in the upcoming elections."

The league discussed the elections at its national executive committee (NEC) meeting at the weekend. It said it was well-suited to determine the needs of South Africans.

"As the ANCWL, we are mothers and we are well aware of the concerns of mothers, and that concerns of mothers are our concerns and they are the concerns of the nation.

"This makes us suitably placed to know the needs of the people and address them."

The NEC also discussed labour unrest in the mining sector. It was concerned about plans to retrench mineworkers.

'Our country needs jobs and stability'

"In this regard, we welcome the interventions by our ANC government, including the call made by President [Jacob] Zuma for calm and dedication to stability, as well as non-violent mechanisms to resolving disputes currently prevalent in the sector.

"Our country needs jobs and stability. We therefore can't afford to have instability and more job losses."

Anglo American Platinum announced earlier this month it would cut 6 000 jobs instead of the 14 000 it announced in January. Trade unions reacted to the revised figure with renewed threats of strikes.

The NEC also congratulated government for acting against corruption.

"We however call for more firmer and tougher actions so that we can eradicate this scourge. We must truly demonstrate that ANC policies have always advocated for anti-corruption."

The league was preparing for its national conference later this year. It still had to determine a date.

"The organisation is processing conference preparations and getting regions ready for the national audit of our membership," it said.

– Sapa

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