Friday, May 31, 2013

ANC Statement on Violence & Xenophobia In South Africa

Author : Jackson Mthembu

Violence & Xenophobia

30 May 2013

The African National Congress condemns in the harshest possible terms the recent spates of violence in Port Elizabeth, Diepsloot and Orange Farm. These incidents have seen, amongst others, the looting of shops, the displacement of foreign nationals and other incidents of public violence in these communities.

The xenophobic violence incidents of 2008 are a lesson all of us must constantly draw from to foster unity and cohesion amongst our communities. Regardless of what the cause of these violent protests may be, the African National Congress condemns any attacks on members of society, irrespective of nationality. We further expect the South African Police Services to act decisively and with sternness on people involved in acts of vandalism, intimidation or any other type of public disorder. All stakeholders in society must be part of the solution and exercise restraint when dealing with these matters in order to ensure that none amongst us exacerbates the situation by escalating tensions in an already sensitive situation.

The ANC remains committed to unity and cohesion within our country and continent as a whole. We recommit ourselves the efforts of the ANC-led government at all levels to build a better Africa and a better world, giving concrete expression to the Freedom Charter demand that there shall be peace and friendship. Where criminal elements are at play, the police must take stern action to ensure that peace and order is restored.

Issued by:
Jackson Mthembu
National Spokesperson
African National Congress
Chief Albert Luthuli House
54 Sauer Street

Keith Khoza 0828239672
Khusela Sangoni-Khawe 0795105408

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