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Renewed Attacks on the Border Between Somalia and Kenya

Sunday, May 26th, 2013 at 11:57 pm

SOMALIA: The President of Somalia strongly condemns Garisa Attacks

Mogadishu, 26 May 2013 – The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud strongly condemns the recent attacks in Garisa, near the border of Somalia on Saturday night where Gunmen have killed five people including two police officers.

Al-Shabaab claimed the responsibility of these attacks which shows that they are still alive and ready to kill innocent people by the name of Islam.

The President of Somalia said “I must express my horror and outright condemnation of the killing of 5 people including two police officers in Garisa near the border of Somalia.

These perpetrators, murderers claim to do this in the name of Islam is simply wrong.

They have violated the doctrine of our Quran and I stand together with all Muslim brothers in our determination to distance our genuine faith from those who preach extremism and hatred. And we must stand together in the global community to defeat this madness. “

The President sends his condolences to the people and the President of Kenya and more importantly to those families and friends who have lost their loved ones.

Somalia’s Islamist Al-Shebaab insurgents continue to what they are good at which is to kill civilians in order to show their presence.

We must continue our struggle to eliminate them from not only in Somalia but throughout the world. We are ever grateful for the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters in AMISOM contributing countries and Ethiopia, which reduced the threat from Al-Shabaab.

Al-Shabaab wants to destabilize the region and we must continue our collective efforts to wipe them out from the region and beyond.

This is a global threat which needs a global solution.

Sunday, May 26th, 2013 at 11:17 pm

Somalia stands shoulder to shoulder with Kenya in the fight against terrorism, Prime Minister says, expressing gratitude for Kenyan role in Somalia

26 May 2013
Press Statement

Somalia stands shoulder to shoulder with Kenya in the fight against terrorism, Prime Minister says, expressing gratitude for Kenyan role in Somalia

His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon said Somalia was completely resolute in its partnership with Kenya against terrorism on either side of the two countries’ shared border.

The Prime Minister was speaking in the aftermath of an attack on Kenyan police posts in the border area at Damajale on Saturday night.

“We completely condemn this action against innocent civilians and police officers and send our condolences to the families of those killed,” the Prime Minister said. “We are deeply grateful to the Kenyan government and the Kenyan people for the support they have provided Somalia in the fight against terrorism. They have paid a high price for their support and we are determined that this will not be in vain. Kenya has also played an extremely valuable political role in supporting the expansion of AMISOM and for this we are also very thankful. Regional governments are united in their support to build a stable and secure Horn of Africa.”

The Prime Minister stated that Kenya had been the victim of repeated terrorist attacks and reiterated his government’s support for its neighbour and partner.

“What we see from the attack against Kenyan police is the same thing we see in all the actions of Al Shabaab. Death and destruction are the only things on their agenda. It is not much of an offering to the Somali or Kenyan public. Our partnership with Kenya remains strong and unflinching in the face of such action. Be in no doubt: it is the public’s desire for peace and greater prosperity, not the tyranny of the terrorists, that ultimately will prevail.”

Ahmed Adan
Prime Minister’s Media Office
Mogadishu, Somalia
Mobile: +252 (0) 616 440 028

Somalia: Gunmen Kill Five in Kenya-Somalia Border Attack - Police

26 MAY 2013

Gunmen killed five people including two police officers along Kenya's volatile border with war-torn Somalia, the latest in a string of attacks, police said Sunday.

Unidentified gunmen opened fire late Saturday on a police post in the border town of Liboi, killing two police officers and three civilians. "We lost five people during an attack in Liboi," regional police chief Charlton Mureithi told AFP.

"We have mobilised a major security operation and boosted security at the border." Kenya has been hit by a wave of grenade and gun attacks -- often blamed on sympathisers of Somalia's Shebab Islamist fighters -- since its army invaded Somalia in 2011 to attack the Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents.

Kenyan troops remain in southern Somalia but have since been integrated into an African Union force. However, they are working closely with a local Somali militia commander, whose control over southern Somalia's Jubaland area is fiercely opposed by rival Somali forces as well as the central government in Mogadishu.

Source: AFP

Somalia: Dozens Rounded Up in Mogadishu As Forces Search for Al Shabaab Operatives

26 MAY 2013

Mogadishu — AMISOM and Somali authorities rounded suspected Al Shabaab agents in a morning raid in Mogadishu's Wadajir district on Saturday eventually release most of the suspects, Garowe Online reports.

The joint operation conducted by Somali government forces and AMISOM forces carried out Saturday morning occurred in the neighborhood of Bulo Hubey where men all ages were rounded up and taken to the Crime Investigation Department (CID) located on KM4 road.

According to local sources, authorities were searching every home in that neighbourhood thoroughly as they arrested dozens.

"I have never seen a search like this; they came into our homes and arrested all the males including the young and old. They were all taken to the police station," said Muhubo Abdi who sons, nephew and uncles were taken to the CID headquarters in Mogadishu.

AMISOM officials said that the searches would enhance security in the city adding that they searches would continue. "The searches will continue until we are sure that there are no Al Shabaab cells in Mogadishu," said AMISOM spokesman Col. Ali Aden Hamud .

Family members of the arrested men waited anxiously outside the CID headquarters as their family members were getting process by Mogadishu detectives. Authorities told media that the arrested would be released if they weren't Al Shabaab operatives.

Sources told GO that many men were released within a few hours of being arrested.

AMISOM and Somali authorities have promised to improve security after a bloody courthouse massacre last month in which over 30 people were killed and 50 injured.

Al Shabaab declared that they exited the city of Mogadishu in 2011 but have steadily carrying out attacks in the war-torn city since then. According to security analysts, although security has improved drastically in Mogadishu, the threat of Al Shabaab is still prevalent.


Garowe Online (Garowe)

Somalia: Bomb in Busy Baidoa Market Kills 1, Injures 14

25 MAY 2013

Baidao, Somalia — An explosion i n Baidoa's busy market killed 1 person and injured 14 on Saturday, Garowe Online reports.

The explosion occurred Saturday morning after a grenade was hurled at an Ethiopian military vehicle in a busy market in Baidoa capital of Bay region.

According to local sources, the Ethiopian forces opened fire after the explosion. Shop owners in the market said no one was injured by the gunfire. Ethiopian troops were unharmed in the attack.

Governor of Bay region Abdi Adan Heesow confirmed to media that one person was killed in the explosion while visiting the injured at Baidoa's hospital.

It is unknown who committed the attack in Baidoa.

Bay region, once the headquarters of Al Shabaab, has been home to Somali government forces, Ethiopian and AMISOM troops who have managed to remove the terrorist organization from the major cities in the region. However Al Shabaab still has a strong presence in rural villages and an even stronger presence in the neighboring region of Bakool.

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