Saturday, August 31, 2013

Zimbabwe Vice-President Urges Youth to Change Mindset About Agriculture

Change your mindset, VP Mujuru urges youths

August 31, 2013
Herald Reporters

VICE President Joice Mujuru has urged youths to change their mindset and view farming as a lucrative venture that can improve their standard of living.

Speaking at the Harare Agricultural Show the Vice President emphasised the importance of imparting agricultural knowledge to school children.

“The agricultural sector is a key vehicle in resuscitating Zimbabwe’s economy and as Government we want our children and grandchildren to acquire farming knowledge to increase generational expertise in the sector,” she said. VP Mujuru urged school teachers and various stakeholders to be hands-on and promote agricultural projects in secondary schools.

“The agricultural sector is a key vehicle in resuscitating Zimbabwe’s economy and avant-garde must be implemented within the sector,” she said while addressing school children who were exhibiting agriculture products. Prince Edward won first prize while Glen View High 1 settled for the second prize in the competition for all agricultural secondary schools.

Mrs Martha Muchena, a teacher in Prince Edward’s agricultural department, said the school was involved in a number of agricultural activities that included poultry, green pepper, spinach, lettuce, king onions and carrots.

“Prince Edward is involved in various agricultural projects and we also want to start breeding rabbits as soon as some logistics have been sorted out,” she said. Mrs Muchena said that Prince Edward’s agricultural project was affected by water shortages as the borehole ran low on water supply.

Vice President Mujuru, who toured various stands at the exhibition park, also urged business to partner with communities for the benefit of the country’s economy.

“Tell us what you can do and what you want communities to do to promote your businesses. If you teach communities how to grow the inputs you want to use to produce a deliverable they will learn better other than giving them books to read,” she said while addressing officials from Ariston Holdings.

Ariston Holdings subsidiary FAVCO is in the business of selling fruit and vegetables as well as producing juices. The company has its own farms where it grows the fruits and vegetables. VP Mujuru also toured the livestock section where she met cattle farmers.

At the Ministry of Agriculture stand, VP Mujuru urged the ministry to teach good farming practices so as to improve the agricultural sector which she said was the backbone of the country.

She also toured the Agriculture Colleges stands, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces stand, Goat Breeders Association, Orchestra Dendera Kings stand, Tobacco Industry Marketing Board, Zimbabe Tobacco Seed Association, Kutsaga Seed, Office of the Health Advisor, Nico Orgo, Grain Marketing Board and PSMAS among others.

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