Tuesday, February 18, 2014

At Least 10 Confirmed Dead After Heavy Fighting in Somalia

At least 10 confirmed dead after yesterday’s heavy fighting at the outskirts of Marka town

Published on February 16, 2014
by Maalik Som

Marko (Sh M Network) — Heavy fighting between Government troops and Alshabab members erupted on Saturday at the outskirts of Marka town.

Official figures of the death toll has been increasing since yesterday as at least 10 bodies both from the fighting sides has been established.

Government officials of the lower Shabelle region have claimed to have regained control of some new divisions in the region referring to the heavy fighting which erupted between Danane and Gandershe locations.

Mr. Omar Mohamud Elmi who is the vice chairman of civil society in the lower Shabelle region told Shabelle radio station in Mogadishu that Government troops reclaimed the full control of some extra divisions in the region and will continue to fight the Alshabab troops until they gain full control of the entire region.

The vice chairman finally stated that the troops are preparing to conquer the port town of Barawe and Qoryole which are currently fully controlled by the Alshabab figters.

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