Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fired Somalia Military Service Members Join In Al-Shabaab

Fired Somali military service members join in Al Shabaab

Published on February 17, 2014
by Maalik

MOGADISHU (KON) — At least 50 Soldiers who were recently fired from Somali military ranks have reportedly joined in the Al Qaeda-linked Al shabab insurgents, Keydmedia Online reports.

Confirming the incident, Lieutenant Colonel Gelle Farah, who is among the fired officers, said that fifty of the dismissed Soldiers with their weapons have joined the al-Qaeda affiliated group, al-Shabab.

“Those joined in the insurgent-terrorist group al-Shabab, include dozens of women service members,” he added. “Some of the fired army officers went to their home towns instead merging with the rebels.”

He said Somalia government took a hasty decision to fire such number of military personnel (700 men & women) soldiers from various ranks including commanders, deputy commanders and captains amid the country in war against Al shabaab militants.

Two weeks ago, Somali National Army (SNA) Chief, Gen. Dahir Khalif Elmi (Indho Qarshe) has announced the sacking of 700 soldiers from various ranks in the military over incompetence amid anti-Al Shabaab offensives in the southern part of the country.

“Khat traders, private hotels guards and some soldiers who turned deaf ear to our calls of duty were among those who were sacked from the army,” he added.

Mogadishu residents voiced concern over the removal of 700 soldiers from the army saying the decision will negatively impact them if they aren’t positioned in specified bases.

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