Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lavrov Discusses Syria With US State Department

Moscow: Lavrov and Kerry discuss by phone the situation in Syria

Feb 18, 2014

Moscow, (SANA)- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed with his U.S. counterpart John Kerry on Tuesday the situation in Syria among other vital international issues.

Russia Today website quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying in a statement that Lavrov and Kerry discussed during a phone call made by the latter a series of vital international issues, including the situation in Syria.

The statement added that Lavrov raised again seriously the issue of the bad health condition of the Russian national imprisoned in the US and called for conducting a comprehensive medical check for the Russian citizen with the participation of Russian doctors and providing all necessary medication.

Lavrov stressed in a press conference with his Eritrean counterpart Othman Saleh in Moscow Monday evening that Geneva Communique of 2012 is an irreplaceable basis to solve the crisis in Syria.

Lavrov noted that the US did not do its role in working on the representation of the opposition in Geneva 2 talks as it got to convince only one party to attend the talks.

US has no intention for military interference in Syria

In a relevant context, Kerry announced that the US has no intention for any military interference to solve the crisis in Syria, saying "Solution is not through military interference, but through consultations and talking to all sides."

"Consultations in the framework of Geneva 2 conference are still underway," Russia Today Website quoted Kerry as saying from Tunis, adding that the aim is easing the severity of disputes among all sides.

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