Monday, March 24, 2014

Al-Shabaab Attacks Bases of AMISOM Forces

Mortar shelling and armed attack in Qoryoley, 4 civilians killed

Posted on March 23, 20

Heavy gun battle has erupted in the town of Qoryoley today, as the joint forces of Somalia National Army and the African Union Forces [AMISOM] took the town from Al Shabab on Saturday, RBC Radio reports.

The fighting started after Al Shabab fighters attacked the town where they were forced to flee yesterday.

According to residents at least four civilians including women and children were killed after a mortar shelling hit their homes. The four were from two families.

Pro-Al Shabab website reported that the fighters of the Al Qaeda linked group attacked bases of the African Union Forces and Somali government forces.

There were no immediate response from Somalia government officials and the AMISOM officials regarding the attack in Qoryoley.

RBC Radio

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