Monday, March 31, 2014

SOMALIA: Puntland Security Forces Arrest 20 Al Shabab Members
Somalia resistance movement Al-Shabaab is under attack from U.S.-backed forces.
Posted on March 31, 2014

Puntland security forces on Monday said they have apprehended 20 Al Shabab members fled from the country’s southern regions and entered into Puntland towns, RBC Radio reports.

In a press conference in the port town of Bosasso, the security minister of Puntland Hassan Osman Alore said the 20 young men were caught during an operation in Bosasso, Garowe and Galkayo in the past days.

“There are more number of Al Shabab fighters fleeing into Puntland.” he said.

The minister added that following investigation questions, some of those arrested admitted to be Al Shabab fighters and were found with explosive devices, false amount of U.S Dollars and fabricated ID cards to infiltrate into the society.

“We are investigating other suspected members of the group” the minister added.

Last week, Puntland’s neighboring state of Galmudug called more help from the Federal Government of Somalia and the international partners because of the high number of Al Shabab fighters fleeing from the southern regions and pouring into the northern regions of the country.

Somalia National Army backed by the African Union Forces have been pursuing the Al Qaeda linked group of Al Shabab since early March sweeping its fighters from several strategic towns in the south and central regions of the country.

Al Shabab has another big military base in Galgala mountains, only 40km southwest of Bosasso town.

RBC Radio

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